Ubuntu reinstalls NVIDIA graphics driver

My computer is rather strange, as long as it is turned off, the graphics card driver will fail and must be reinstalled. I wrote a blog to record the reinstallation process. 1 , disable nouveau After installing the dependency package, you need to disable nouveau. Only after disabling nouveau can you successfully install the NVIDIA […]

Computer Graphics | Interesting Testing and Merging – Fragment Operations

Computer Graphics | Interesting Testing and Merging – Fragment Operation Computer Graphics | Interesting Testing and Merging – Fragment Operations 10.1 Look at the fragment operation again Fragment operations several important buffers 10.2 Who covered me? The concept of blanking face culling depth test Depth buffer algorithm (Z-buffer algorithm) depth sorting method Culling in OpenGL […]

Surface layer check graph self-intersection method C#

Method 1: processing based on arcgis engine, because AE-based topology inspection rules only have line self-intersection inspection, so the processing logic here is to traverse the surface elements, and then channel the inner and outer rings of each surface element, and then independently construct line elements, using To check the topology, the code is as […]

[Computer Vision 1]–Graphics preprocessing (color space conversion)

Article directory image preprocessing color space conversion RGB to HSV conversion HSV to RGB conversion RGB to CMYK conversion Image preprocessing Computer vision image preprocessing refers to a series of processing and conversion of images before image processing, so as to better perform subsequent image processing and analysis. Its main purpose is to enable images […]

c# chart control graph

c# chart control graph SeriesChartType.Line polyline SeriesChartType.Spline curve using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System. ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System. Drawing; using System. Linq; using System. Text; using System. Threading. Tasks; using System. Windows. Forms; using System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting; namespace WindowsApp {<!– –> public partial class FormMain : Form {<!– –> public FormMain() {<!– –> InitializeComponent(); } /// […]

neo4j graph database

Table of Contents 1. Introduction to neo4j 1.1 What is a graph database 1.2 What is neo4j 1.3 Features of neo4j 1.4 Advantages of neo4j 1.5 The construction elements of neo4j 2. Installation and deployment 2.1 Environmental Description 2.2 Download the installation package 2.3 Unzip the installation package 2.4 Configure and install jdk environment 2.5 […]