[C++ Code] Collecting rainwater, the nearest larger element, the largest matrix in the histogram, monotonic stack–Code Thoughts

Topic: Daily Temperature Given an integer array temperatures, representing the daily temperature, return an array answer, where answer[i] refers to the temperature for the first i days, with the next higher temperature occurring a few days later. If the temperature is not going to rise after this, use 0 instead. Brute force solution, two levels […]

Section 1 Echarts histogram

renderings 1. First introduce the left/right page into the three-dimensional index page <!–#include virtual=”panel/ak_czRight.html”–> <!–#include virtual=”panel/ak_left1.html”–> 2. After introducing the left/right pages, each row of statistics page is introduced into the left/right pages respectively <div class=”leftTop1″ id=”ak_left”> <!–#include virtual=”ak_left1Top1.html”–> <!–#include virtual=”ak_czRight2.html”–> <!–#include virtual=”ak_left1Top4.html”–> <!–#include virtual=”ak_left1Top5.html”–> </div> 3. Bar chart statistics page div <div class=”visual_box” style=”margin-top: […]

Follow Nature Communications to learn drawing: texture histogram + add saliency labels!

Article Directory Reproduce picture Set the working path and load related R packages Read the data set data visualization Calculate mean and standard deviation variance analysis Between-group t-test Figure a Visualization process Figure b Visualization process Merge graph ab Learn drawing with “Nature Communications”. Today, I will mainly consolidate the previously shared knowledge points by […]

OpenCV_algorithm: based_on_Python_and_C++, histogram regularization

OpenCV algorithm: based on Python and C++, histogram regularization ZouJiu1/Opencv_C_algorithm: algorithm of opencv (github.com) Opencv_C_algorithm/contract/linear_transform.py.py at master · ZouJiu1/Opencv_C_algorithm (github.com)?github.com/ZouJiu1/Opencv_C_algorithm/tree/master/contract/linear_transform.py Histogram regularization Mainly by mapping pixels to other intervals, that is, a unified mapping of pixel values, mapping from a certain interval to other intervals The input image is I, the output image is O, […]

OpenCV_algorithm: based_on_Python_and_C++, global histogram equalization

OpenCV algorithm: based on Python and C++, global histogram equalization ZouJiu1/Opencv_C_algorithm: algorithm of opencv (github.com) Opencv_C_algorithm/contract/linear_transform.py.py at master · ZouJiu1/Opencv_C_algorithm (github.com)?github.com/ZouJiu1/Opencv_C_algorithm/tree/master/contract/linear_transform.py The grayscale histogram, mentioned above, counts the number of all grayscale values and draws a curve. It can be seen that the number of pixels for each grayscale value has a very obvious difference. […]

Echarts-3D histogram

Achieve true 3D histogram through Echarts’ echarts.graphic.extendShape The idea is to determine the width of the histogram by adjusting the top surface (CubeTop), left surface (CubeLeft), and right surface (CubeRight). It is recommended to adjust the top surface first. Generally, c1 does not need to be moved. // echarts-3D-bar-config.js import Vue from “vue”; const echarts […]

The overlapping and stacking of echarts’ histogram realizes the display of two bars and the previous difference display.

renderings Main idea Prepare three cylinders (original plan, actual progress, difference) The original plan and actual progress are set to overlap {<!– –> barWidth: 20, // yAxisIndex: 1, z: 1, name: ‘original plan’, type: ‘bar’, stack: ‘ab’, emphasis: {<!– –> // Click on the cylinder and the color of other cylinders will become lighter. disabled: […]

Opencv C++ 6. Grayscale transformation: linear transformation, grayscale inversion, logarithmic transformation, gamma transformation, (adaptive) histogram equalization

1. Principle of grayscale transformation: The original image pixel gray value r is mapped to a gray value s through the transformation function T: s=T(r). 2. Grayscale transformation method: Linear transformation (brightness and contrast adjustment): Principle: Linear transformation is a simple method of adjusting brightness and contrast by applying a linear transformation formula to the […]

Solving AttributeError: module tensorflow has no attribute histogram_summary

Table of Contents Solving AttributeError: module ‘tensorflow’ has no attribute ‘histogram_summary’ wrong reason solution Summarize Solve AttributeError: module ‘tensorflow’ has no attribute ‘histogram_summary’ When using TensorFlow for neural network model training or visualization, you may encounter a common error: AttributeError: module ‘tensorflow’ has no attribute ‘histogram_summary’. This error usually occurs after the TensorFlow version is […]

Digital image processing experiment – Convert “original image.bmp” into a grayscale image, and perform histogram equalization on the resulting grayscale image; use histogram specification algorithm to process the three RGB channels of “original image.bmp” The histograms are changed to be consistent with “reference image.bmp”

1. Experimental objectives 1. Understand and apply the concept and application of histograms to analyze and process images. 2. Understand and apply the concept of histogram equalization and perform related image processing 3. Master the histogram specification algorithm and perform histogram specification processing and analysis on samples 4. Convert the “original image.bmp” into a grayscale […]