[HiSilicon SS626 | Development Environment] The entire process of compiling the entire SDK and summary of problems

Directory I. Overview 2. Install cross-compilation tools ?2.1 Install aarch64-mix410-linux.tgz ?2.2 Install cc-riscv32-cfg11-musl-20220523-elf.tar.gz ?2.3 Check the tool chain version. Printing the version means the installation is successful. 3. Install the software package ?3.1 Install software package ?3.2 Install dependent libraries of mtd-utils ?3.3 Install pip and kconfiglib ?3.4 Other configurations 4. Unzip the SDK and […]

One Piece of Quantitative Trading – ICoreListener.h – Encapsulates thread-safe message queue & exchange risk control container

// ICoreListener.h #pragma once #include <onepiece/models/TickData.h> #include <onepiece/models/OrderData.h> #include <onepiece/models/TradeData.h> #include <onepiece/models/StatusInfoFieldData.h> #include <memory> #include <onepiece/templates/IMarketApi.h> #include <onepiece/templates/ITraderApi.h> #include <spdlog/spdlog.h> #include <spdlog/sinks/basic_file_sink.h> #include <unordered_map> class ICoreListener { public: virtual void OnTraderReady(StatusInfoFieldSPtr statusInfoFieldDataSPtr) = 0; virtual void OnMarketReady(StatusInfoFieldSPtr statusInfoFieldDataSPtr) = 0; virtual void OnTickReceived(TickSPtr tickSPtr) = 0; virtual void OnOrderReceived(OrderSPtr orderSPtr) = 0; virtual void OnErrorOrderReceived(OrderSPtr […]

[Comprehensive explanation of Linux commands] 080.pico – A powerful full-screen text editor

Article directory pico Powerful full-screen text editor grammar: Options: parameter: Learn `python` from scratch pico Powerful full-screen text editor Additional instructions: The pico command is a powerful full-screen text editor. pico is easy to operate and provides a wealth of shortcut keys. Commonly used shortcut keys are as follows: Ctrl + G: Get help information […]

Android system Modifies ordinary applications without source code to default Launcher and hides the application information icon in Settings

In Android system customization development, sometimes we need to implement some special functions, such as changing the application to the default launcher, or hiding the application icon so that users cannot directly launch or uninstall the application. These functions may be used in some customized scenarios, such as smart TVs, digital signage, etc. But if […]

vue3 uses elementplus icon

In actual projects, we often need to use icons, so this article mainly introduces how to use elementplus icons in vue3. vue3 uses elementplus icon 1. Brief introduction 2. Import 1. Manual import (not recommended) 2. Automatic import (recommended) 2-1. Code analysis 3. Dealing with problems 1. Brief introduction First we need to briefly understand […]

Licode-SFU/MCU implementation based on webrtc

1. Brief analysis of webrtc There are a lot of technical and industry articles on webrtc’s past and present, compilation methods, industry applications, best practices, etc. on the Internet. I will not repeat the repetitive content. For me, the concept of webrtc can be explained from three angles: (1). A standard developed by W3C and […]

FastAPI + NGINX + Gunicorn: Teach you step by step to deploy a high-performance Python web application

1. Preface Deploying a FastAPI application to your server is a complex task. If you are interested in NGINX, Gunicorn and Uvicorn If you are not familiar with these technologies, you can waste a lot of time. If you are new to the Python language or want to use Python to build your own web […]

Batch anonymization and packaging of medical dicom files into exe

Words first: Compilation software: python If the data requirements are different from those below, you can contact me to modify the code for a fee. Processed data: Medical dicom files anonymize patient names and hospital information Anonymous: The hospital name is unified as “None” and the patient name is unified as “serial number_rename.nii.gz” The dicom […]