51 microcontroller + DS1302 design an electronic clock (LCD1602 displays time)

1. Preface An electronic clock is a device that can accurately display time. It is widely used in homes, offices and public places, providing people with convenient and accurate time information. This project designs an electronic clock based on 51 microcontroller, using DS1302 as the RTC clock chip, LCD1602 as the display screen, and connecting […]

STM32Timer + basic timer

1. Basic overview of timers 1. Principle of software timer It turns out that when we use the 51 microcontroller, we use a __nop()__ to delay The delay function we use through software is inaccurate and subject to many uncertain factors. 2. Timer principle: ratio between counts Because the use of software delay is affected, […]

FreeRTOS_Software timer (Timer)

Directory title 1. Software timer characteristics 2. Guarding tasks 3. Software timer API 3.1. Create software timer 3.2. Callback function 3.3. Delete timer 3.4. Start/stop timer 3.5. Modify the timer period 3.6. Reset timer (Reset) 3.7. Timer ID 1. Software timer features Using a timer requires configuring timer period, callback function, and type (one-time, automatic […]

nginx website service (1. Small experiment)

nginx is a high-performance and lightweight web service software that provides static page services, that is, files in plain text format, usually files with the suffix .html or .htm. Features: Average stability (lots of bugs, so updates and iterations are fast) Open source (free), can be repackaged (secondary development) The consumption of system resources is […]

EDA experiment—–Design of four-bit multiplier (QuartusII)

Table of Contents 1. Experimental purpose 2. Experimental equipment 3. Experimental principles 4. Experimental content 5. Experimental steps 6. Experimental results 7. Experimental process 1. Multiplier principle 2. Programming ideas and programming implementation 3. Simulation test 4.Circuit connection 5. File burning 1. Experimental purpose Understand the principles of four-bit parallel multipliers. Understand the design ideas […]

C language data structure-time complexity and space complexity

1. What are time complexity and space complexity? 1.1 Algorithm efficiency Algorithm efficiency analysis is divided into two types: the first is time efficiency, and the second is space efficiency. Time efficiency is called time complexity, while space efficiency is called space complexity. Time complexity mainly measures the running speed of an algorithm, while space […]

[SCM Graduation Project] [jj-009] Intelligent Curtains | Multi-Function Curtains | Automatic Curtains | Timed Curtains | Light-Controlled Curtains

1. Basic introduction Item name: Design of intelligent curtain system based on microcontroller Design of multifunctional curtain system based on single-chip microcomputer Design of automatic curtain system based on single chip microcomputer Design of timer curtain system based on microcontroller Design of light-controlled curtain system based on single-chip microcomputer Project name: Curtain Microcontroller type: STM32F103C8T6 […]

OneAPI Intel Experimental Matrix Multiplication Implementation

Introduction to OneAPI oneAPI is a cross-platform, open and unified programming model designed to simplify and accelerate heterogeneous computing. It is led by Intel Corporation and supported by a wide range of partners. The goal of oneAPI is to provide a unified programming environment that enables developers to write high-performance applications on different hardware architectures, […]