Performance testing – jmeter real-time pressure test results collection

Write the directory title here foreword 1. Composition of the pressure measurement and monitoring platform 2. Performance monitoring platform deployment – InfluxDB 3. Performance monitoring platform deployment – JMeter 4. Deployment of performance monitoring platform – Grafana 5. Deployment of performance monitoring platform – operation and result display Foreword Test report .vs. Pressure monitoring The […]

Data Structures and Algorithms 01: Time Complexity

Directory 【Complexity Analysis】 [Reduce time complexity] The need to reduce time complexity 【One practice per day】 No matter what programming language or database is used, no matter what problem is solved in the project, data structures and algorithms are inseparable. The so-called data structure refers to the storage structure of a certain kind of data, […]

Optimization method – Newton’s method one-dimensional search

preface: In optimization problems, finding the minimum or maximum of a function is an important task. Newton’s method is a classic iterative method, which is often used to solve optimization problems. This article will introduce Newton’s one-dimensional search in the optimization method in detail, including its basic principle, algorithm steps and application scenarios. 1. Overview […]

Java realizes real-time monitoring of MySQL database changes MySQLBinListener

Directory 1. Export the required classes and interfaces 2. Define the MySQLBinlogListener class 3. Private method to start the reconnection timer 4. Complete code Write a listener for real-time changes to the MySQL database. Why write this listener: In order to monitor and respond to change events in the MySQL database in real time Real-time […]

[c primer] branch statement and loop statement (on)

Article directory 1. Introductory statement 1.1 Classification of sentences 1.1.3 Control Statements Classification of control statements Branch statement_if statement Branch statement_switch statement Loop statement _while statement 1. Introductory statement This article only introduces the branch statement, and the rest of the statements are expected to be updated 1.1 Classification of sentences […]

Image processing in OpenCV 3.10 (nine) two-dimensional histogram and back projection

Table of Contents 3.10.3 Histogram–3: Two-dimensional histogram Target introduction 2D histogram in OpenCV 2D histogram in Numpy Draw a 2D histogram 3.10.4 Histogram – 4: Histogram Backprojection Target theory Algorithms in Numpy Backprojection in OpenCV other resources Translation and secondary proofreading: Editor: Twenty Bottle Whale (Siby team member of Hejing Community) 3.10.3 Histogram–3: Two-dimensional […]

C++ configures the ini file to modify the parameters in the program without recompiling the program every time

Change program parameters without recompiling the program Use ini file In the ini file, it can be configured in the following format: [x_pose] value=0.5 [y_pose] value=0.5 [z_pose] value=1 Among them, `[x_pose]`, `[y_pose]`, `[z_pose]` are the name of the configuration item section, and `value` is the value of the configuration item. In the cpp file, you […]

Mysql storage time, corresponding to Api and corresponding java properties

1. Mysql storage time type Commonly used types of time/date storage: DATE: Only used to store date values (year, month, day) in the format ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. TIME: Only used to store time values (hours, minutes, seconds) in the format ‘HH:MM:SS’. DATETIME: used to store date and time values at the same time, the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD […]

Database: Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexing Experiments

Homework content – stored procedures and triggers, indexing experiments 1. Stored procedure and trigger experiment 1. Please implement at least one stored procedure for each of the following operations on the database platform you choose according to your application scenario: 1) Single or multi-table query 2) Data insertion 3) Data deletion 4) Data modification 2. […]