Implement button state machine based on STM32F103

Article directory Development board development environment Preface Anti-shake button Button hardware schematic diagram Software delay implementation ideas Purpose code Button status Key information Definitions related to buttons Button underlying configuration and status acquisition Summarize Development board Punctual Atomic STM32F103ZET6 battleship Development environment stm32cubeMX Clion Foreword When the microcontroller uses buttons, in order to eliminate the […]

2 methods to teach you how to use Python to implement parameter association in interface automation

Foreword Usually in interface automation, there is often the problem of parameter association. So what is parameter association? Parameter association means that the return value of the previous interface will be used as a parameter by the next interface. There are many ways to implement parameter association in Python. Today I will introduce to you […]

STM32 ~ The differences and implementation principles between different GPIO modes

The full name of GPIO is General Purpose Input Output, which is general-purpose input/output. In fact, the essence of GPIO is a pin of the chip. Usually all I/O in ARM are common. However, since each development board will be designed with different peripheral circuits, the functions of the GPIO may be different. Most GPIOs […]

Bean copy component (annotation driven) solution design and implementation

1. Background The process of data flow between each layer should be changed, the number of field attributes, attribute names (generally unchanged, but there are also cases of changes during reconstruction), type names (common changes such as BO, VO, DTO). For the converted business objects, the original method is to directly fill in the instances […]

Use PyTorch to implement the Skip-gram model in Word2Vec

First, a custom data set using the Word2VecDataset class is created to generate training data. Then, the Skip-gram model is defined and trained using the cross-entropy loss function and Adam optimizer. In each training epoch, the data loader is traversed, forward-propagating, computing loss, back-propagating, and weight updates for each batch. Finally, the trained word vector […]

Hibernate + Springboot implements the @Filter filter to automatically add conditional filtering. How to implement sprinboot multi-tenancy (shared table, by adding tenant_id)

Hibernate + Springboot implements @Filter filter to automatically add conditional filtering After three days and three nights of torture, I finally solved this requirement. First of all, this requirement is generally implemented through annotations. So the first step is to write an annotation by hand: @Target({<!– –>ElementType.PARAMETER, ElementType.METHOD})//The target location for annotation placement, METHOD can […]

springboot+dubbo+nacos implements microservice architecture with front-end and backend separation, springboot microservice architecture, dubbo microservice architecture, and nacos configuration center.

I will write about a microservice architecture I built this year as a sharing. If you want to use it but don’t understand anything, you can send a private message or comment. I will reply in time when I see it. If you have any better ideas that can improve my shortcomings, you are more […]

Design and implementation based on Java university library (source code + lw + deployment documents + explanation, etc.)

Blogger Introduction: ?300,000+ fans across the entire network, csdn guest author, blog expert, CSDN Rising Star Program mentor, high-quality creator in the Java field, Blog Star, Nuggets / Huawei Cloud / Alibaba Cloud / InfoQ and other platforms are high-quality authors, focusing on the field of Java technology and practical graduation projects? Contact for source […]