Workflow Engine Design and Implementation · Task Blocking and Execution

In the previous article, when we talked about the task model, we mentioned blocking tasks, so how is this formed in the workflow? What is the relationship between blocking tasks and task models? Let’s do a simple analysis below. Here is still the simplest process as an example: Process definition Process Description node name display […]

Java implementation of Airplane Wars 2.0 game (open source)

Foreword: The game is based on [Shangxuetang] Aircraft Battle 2.0 at station B, the main frame remains unchanged, and the code is slightly changed. Java technology: java variables, java data types, judgment statements, loop structures, arrays, Java collections, simple window creation, graphics and picture drawing, double buffering technology, events-mouse and keyboard events, object collision detection. […]

Minimum spanning tree Prim algorithm implementation (c language code)

【Problem Description】 The road traffic between cities can be represented by an undirected graph. As shown below: The vertices represent the cities, the edges represent the roads connecting the cities, and the weights on the edges represent the length of the roads between the cities. Programming solves the following problems: (1) Input city information and […]

Mybatis-Plus public field automatic filling problem analysis and code implementation

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Implementation steps 1. Add the @TableField annotation to the attribute of the entity class to specify the automatic filling strategy 2. Write a metadata object handler, and assign values to public fields uniformly in this class. This class needs to implement the MetaObjectHandler interface 2.1 Populate the createTime and […]

Workflow engine design and implementation · Parsing process definition files

In the previous article, we manually built a process object and simply printed and executed it. The way to build a process object is not very friendly. In order to build process objects more conveniently, we adopt a new method, that is, parse the process definition files mentioned in the basics and convert them into […]