Design and implementation of information technology knowledge contest system based on SpringBoot

Table of Contents Preface 1. Technology stack 2. Introduction to system functions User information management Learn video management Announcement type management Announcement information management 3. Core code 1. Login module 2. File upload module 3. Code encapsulation 4. Conclusion Foreword Firstly, it takes a lot of time to manage information using traditional methods. Secondly, the […]

Implementation of string functions

Implementation of string functions One: strlen()—-calculate the string size Write strlen first, because it will be used by several functions later. code show as below: #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #include<stdio.h> int my_strlen(char* arr) {<!– –> int sum = 0, i = 0; while (*arr != ‘\0’) {<!– –> sum + + ; arr + + ; } […]

6 implementation options for single-machine idempotence

A friend suddenly asked two days ago: What is the simplest solution to prevent repeated submissions in Java? This sentence contains two key messages, first: Prevent duplicate submissions; second: Easiest. So the author asked him, is it a stand-alone environment or a distributed environment? The feedback I got was that it would be simple if […]

Implementation of interface automation testing framework based on Junit!

Layered automated testing 5 to 10 years ago, the automated testing we came into contact with was more focused on automated testing of the UI layer. Mercury’s WinRunner/QTP was a typical representative of the commercial automated testing products of that era. At that time, everyone simply wanted to use a Automated tools replace human clicks, […]

OneAPI Intel Experimental Matrix Multiplication Implementation

Introduction to OneAPI oneAPI is a cross-platform, open and unified programming model designed to simplify and accelerate heterogeneous computing. It is led by Intel Corporation and supported by a wide range of partners. The goal of oneAPI is to provide a unified programming environment that enables developers to write high-performance applications on different hardware architectures, […]

[Data structure] Simulation implementation of stack and queue (implemented in two ways)

Foreword About the author: Come on, Xu Xing, currently a sophomore, currently learning C++, Data Structure, etc. Author’s homepage: Come on, Xu Xing’s homepage ?This article is included in: Re-recognizing the advanced column of C Code Warehouse: Rising Sun 1 Everyone is welcome to like Collect ? Follow! Learning objectives: This blog will learn about […]