Downloading and decompression of compressed files through the minio server

1: Download the compressed file to the local server //Download the compressed file public static void main(String[] args) {<!– –> try {<!– –> // Initialize the MinIO client MinioClient minioClient = MinioClient. builder() .endpoint(“http://” + “”) .credentials(“admin”, “admin123456”) .build(); // Download the compressed file to the local file system, a temporary file generated in temp […]

A variety of tools work together to create a CentOS-based image containing the latest version of sysstat

Sysstat is deployed on the server, and system monitoring records can be kept through sar. It is not very convenient to download data from the server for analysis elsewhere, so consider building a convenient Docker image to assist in the work. sysstat: 1. Bing AI creates Dockerfile Let AI help write Dockerfile directly The […]

Build a k8s environment based on minikube from 0

1. Prepare a virtual machine environment Personally I use Vitual Box The Linux system uses Centos7 2. Install Linux on a virtual machine Just choose the minimum content to install, I personally like pure and pure 3. Install Docker refer to this article Just go from start to finish The docker version I chose […]

Vue el-dialog realizes infinite nesting of pop-up windows (click on the pop-up window to pop up a new pop-up window, you can always click on it)

Usage scenario: It is required to click on the data to display the pop-up window, click on the data in the pop-up window to display a new pop-up window, and the pop-up window inside can continue to click on the new pop-up window, and the pop-up window can be nested unlimitedly Why not use el-dialog’s […]

Python and selenium realize Web automation: read ini configuration files, element packaging, code packaging, exception handling, compatible with multi-browser execution

If this article still doesn’t make you understand, you can take a look at the following article, which is very detailed, and tens of thousands of people have watched this video! A web automation testing tutorial from a boss who has worked in Huawei for 10 years, a tutorial on Huawei’s current technology! _哔哩哔哩_bilibili has […]

SpringMvc source code articles #DisPatcherServlet initialization

DisPatcherServlet initialization 1. Foreword Spring mvc is a framework extended on the basis of Spring. The core components are DispatcherServlet, WebApplicationContext, Resolver, HandlerMapping, ViewResolver, FlashMapManager DispatcherServlet DispatcherServlet is the central distributor of the handler/controller of http requests, such as http remote calls and web ui controllers. Provides distributed registered processors for processing web requests, and […]

Java Constants: Definition and Classification of Java Constants

A constant is a quantity whose value remains constant throughout the execution of a program. It should be noted here that constants and constant values are different concepts. Constant values are the concrete and intuitive manifestations of constants, and constants are formalized manifestations. Usually, constant values can be used directly or constants can be used […]

Python data analysis and mining practice (household water heater user behavior analysis and event recognition)

1. Introduction In the process of using household water heaters, residents will form different usage habits due to regional climate, different regions, and user age and gender differences. If home furnishing companies can deeply understand the usage habits of their products in different user groups, and develop functions that meet customer needs and habits, they […]