235. The nearest common ancestor of a binary search tree 701. Insertion operations in a binary search tree 450. Deleting nodes in a binary search tree

235. The most recent common ancestor of the binary search tree Likou question link(opens new window) Given a binary search tree, find the nearest common ancestor of two specified nodes in the tree. class Solution { private: TreeNode* traversal(TreeNode* cur, TreeNode* p, TreeNode* q) { if (cur == NULL) return cur; // middle if (cur->val […]

mysql library, table creation, and inserting data

1. Create database db_classics; mysql> create database if not exists db_classics default charset=utf8mb4; 2. Create table create table if not exists t_hero( id int primary key auto_increment, name varchar(20) not null unique, nickname varchar(50) default ‘none’, age int check(age>=0) default null, address varchar(40) default ‘unknown’, job char(20) default ‘none’, weapon char(20) )engine=innodb charset=utf8mb4; Add three […]

Insert at the end of a singly linked list, find the middle node of a singly linked list, delete specified elements of a singly linked list, invert a singly linked list, find the Kth node from the bottom of a singly linked list, detect whether a singly linked list is a palindrome structure, find the intersection point of two singly linked lists, and judge a singly linked list. Whether the linked list has a ring and whether the singly linked list is destroyed

//Singly linked list node definition, tail insertion and output #include<iostream> #include<malloc.h> #include<assert.h> using namespace std; typedef struct listNode { struct listNode* next; int data; }node; //Divided into two situations, the linked list is empty and the linked list is not empty void lastInsert(node** list,int da) { node* n = (node*)malloc(sizeof(node)); n->data = da; n->next = […]

SpringBoot efficiently inserts tens of thousands of data in batches, the most powerful in history!

This is a community that may be useful to you For one-on-one communication/interview brochure/resume optimization/job search questions, welcome to join the “Yudao Rapid Development Platform” Knowledge Planet. The following is some information provided by Planet: “Project Practice (Video)”: Learn from books, “practice” from past events “Internet High Frequency Interview Questions”: Studying with your resume, spring […]

Data structure – various sorting algorithms (insertion, exchange, selection, merge)

1. Declaration and definition of functions sort.h #pragma once #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define MaxSize 5 typedef int KeyType; typedef char InfoType; typedef struct { KeyType key; //The key here is the value we want to sort InfoType data; }RecType; #ifndef __SORT_H__ #define __SORT_H__ //Insert directly void InsertSort(RecType R[], int n); //Half insertion sort (dichotomy […]

Inserting 300,000 pieces of data in 13 seconds is the correct way to insert batches!

This article mainly describes the cases and results of large-volume data insertion through MyBatis, JDBC, etc. 300,000 pieces of data are inserted into the database for verification Entity class, mapper and configuration file definition User entity mapper interface mapper.xml file jdbc.properties sqlMapConfig.xml Stud directly without batching Loop insert one by one MyBatis implements inserting 300,000 […]

JDBC implements database batch insertion

Table of Contents 1. Several ways to implement batch insertion using JDBC 2. Use of PreparedStatement addBatch method 3. The difference between Statement and PreparedStatement Using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to implement batch insertion can improve the efficiency of database operations, especially when multiple pieces of data need to be inserted at one time. 1. […]

PostgreSQL connects to python, postgresql connects to python, creates tables, creates table contents, insert operations, select operations, update operations, and delete operations. …

Installation PostgreSQL can be integrated using the Python psycopg2 module. sycopg2 is an adapter for the PostgreSQL database for the Python programming language. Its program code is small, fast and stable. There is no need to install this module separately as it is shipped by default with Python versions in 2.5.x. If you don’t have […]