Practical installation of oracle19c server on centos7.9 (nanny-level steps)

1. Preparation before installation 1.1. Installation environment preparation I use centos7.9 + X86 environment Memory 4G Storage 50G 1.2. Installation package preparation You can download it directly from the official website Installation package: Pre-installation package: You can also download it through the Baidu network disk I shared. Link: Extraction code: tgi6 There […]

[MySQL installation and cluster construction in Linux environment]

Article directory 1. Install MySQL8.X in Linux environment 1.1. Configure network card information in Linux environment 1.2. Remotely pull the MySQL8.x installation package 1.3. MySQL installation and related parameter configuration 1.4. MySQL startup and remote connection settings 2. MySQL master-slave cluster construction 2.1. Purpose and reasons for cluster construction 2.2. Problems in building a MySQL […]

Necessary instructions for Linux installation of DM8

This article records the necessary Linux related instructions for installing DM8 database. User related Create installation user groups and users In order to reduce the impact on the operating system, users can create a dedicated system user group for DM before installation, and create a new database management user dmdba under the user group to […]

OpenWrt kernel install analysis (1)

1. Foreword This article mainly introduces the compilation and installation process of the OpenWrt kernel. 2. Process analysis 1. Add the following statement to include/ include/ kernel_install: prepare_kernel_conf $(_SINGLE)$(NO_TRACE_MAKE) -C target/linux install At this point, you can execute make kernel_install in the root directory of the OpenWrt source code to compile and install the kernel […]

How to install third party modules in python

In Python, we install third-party modules in three ways. The first method is that the third-party module provides an installation program, and we can use the Python interpreter to execute this program; the remaining two methods are completed through the setuptools tool. Python has two package management tools that encapsulate setuptools: easy_install and pip. Currently, […]

Python install selenium

Our tutorial explains how to write automated test programs in Python, so first make sure you have installed Python and can use Python to write programs. If you don’t know anything about Python, please click on the Python 3 tutorial to quickly learn Python syntax first. If you have a foundation in other programming languages, […]

PXE installation and Kickstart unattended installation

Introduction to PXE Allow the client to download the boot image and kernel file from the remote server through the network, load the system installation file, and install the entire Linux operating system The core of PXE: batch installation Unattended: automated operation Advantages 1. Scale: install multiple linux at the same time 2. Automation: no […]

Ubuntu 18.04 installation Autoware1.13 installation

Reference link: 1,cuda installation 1.1, preparation before installation According to the official documentation, check the operating system environment before installation. Verify GPU lspci | grep -i nvidia Verify Linux version information uname -m & amp; & amp; cat /etc/release Verify whether the gcc compiler is installed (gcc will be installed automatically when installing the GPU […]

Phishing document attacks use MSI objects to install hidden backdoors in the Lua environment

Intelligence Background As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate recently, Proofpoint observed that, An organization used infected and stolen email accounts of members of the Ukrainian armed forces to spread XLS documents with macros to launch phishing attacks against European governments. Use macro code object Windows in this activity Installer and MSI […]

3. Installation of docker warehouse (Nexus, Harbor)

This article directory Preface 1.Aliyun mirror warehouse 2.Nexus 1.Nexus private server construction 2. Log in to the console 3. Configure nexus warehouse 4. Configure the nexus warehouse address as a safe mirror address 5. Push the image to the nexus warehouse 6. Pull the nexus warehouse image 3.Harbor 1.Docker Compose installation 2. Harbor installation 3. […]