Windows Docker installation

Windows Docker installation Docker is not a general purpose container tool, it relies on an existing and running Linux kernel environment. Docker essentially creates an isolated file environment under the already running Linux, so it performs almost as efficiently as the deployed Linux host. Therefore, Docker must be deployed on a system with a Linux […]

STA mode – wpa_supplicant installation and use

wpa_supplicant is an open source software project, which realizes the function of managing and controlling wireless networks in WIFI STA mode. It is a tool for connecting and configuring WIFI, mainly including two programs: wpa_supplicant and wpa_cli. Prepare third-party software as follows: Download link: wpa_supplicant software package free download One, wpa_supplicant installation Description: wpa_supplicant depends […]

Linux installation mysql8.0 (the most detailed in the whole station)

Software as Environment Preparation 1. Prepare a Linux server Either cloud server or virtual machine is fine; (The following download is a virtual machine under Windows11) The version of Linux is CentOS7; Download ISO image file address: Download operating environment: VMware8.0 Please contact QQ: 1742756263—–virtual machine installation tutorial/packaging software/Sinicization/serial number because it cannot be […]

Linux system shell script to install MYSQL with one click

This article uses the configuration source to install MYSQL, the configuration source address is, you can download the version you need by yourself, my installation environment: debian10 1. Configuration source installation MYSQL process This part is manual installation. If you need shell script to install automatically, you can skip this part and go directly […]

HUE source code compilation and installation

Installation environment and installation package centos7 hue-4.5.0 Node.js 10.6.0 Note: The linux system first creates a hue user, and installs the mysql-5.7 database in the hue user Download the installation package hue-4.5.0 The extraction address of the hue installation package Link: Baidu Netdisk Please enter the extraction code Extraction code: 09fs Download npm Download Node.js […]

Package the ros function package as a deb installation package and install it successfully (super detailed analysis)

Article directory 1. Modify the `CMakeLists.txt` file in the package to be packaged, and add the following corresponding `install` statement according to your own packaging requirements a. Package executable or library files: b. Package header file: c. Pack srv, msg, cfg files: f. Package script file: g. Pack the whole folder of other parts: 2. […]

Install KVM and create a virtual machine and basic use

#Environment description: Centos7 Environment preparation: CPU virtualization is turned on, and enough configuration is allocated to the host’s CPU and memory Install KVM 1. Install related software packages yum -y install qemu-kvm libvirt virt-manager virt-install virt-viewer Introduction to the package: qemu-kvm: provides low-level emulation support for kvm libvirt: The most used KVM virtualization management tool […]

Install Docker23.0.1 on Centos Stream 9

Centos Stream 9 configures yum Tsinghua source, refer to my article, click to jump Uninstall the old version related commands: yum remove docker \ docker-client\ docker-client-latest\ docker-common\ docker-latest\ docker-latest-logrotate\ docker-logrotate\ docker-engine 1. Update existing yum yum update 2. Install using repository yum install -y yum-utils yum-config-manager –add-repo delete cache package yum clean packages 3. […]

Install Flink offline and use Flink SQL to synchronize data.

Recap Synchronize table AA in mysqlA to table BA in mysqlB, where reading uses mysql-cdc and writing uses JDBC Resource preparation Download the corresponding jar package flink-sql-connector-mysql-cdc-2.3.0.jar flink-connector-jdbc_2.12-1.14.6.jar mysql-connector-java-8.0.30.jar Copy the downloaded package to flink-1.16.1/lib Enable GTID for the database Find my.cnf, add the following information in [mysqld] [mysqld] … server-id=1 log-bin=mysql-bin binlog-format=row gtid-mode=ON enforce-gtid-consistency=true […]