Hadoop3.3.4 distributed installation

Installation prerequisites: The Java environment has been configured and password-free SSH login between all machines. Note: flinkv1, flinkv2, and flinkv3 below are aliases of the three servers. 1. Cluster deployment planning Note: NameNode and SecondaryNameNode should not be installed on the same server Note: ResourceManager also consumes a lot of memory. Do not configure it […]

Vue CLI scaffolding installation, construction, configuration and CLI project analysis

Table of Contents 1. Quick Start with CLI 1. Official introduction: 2. Install Vue CLI: 3. Build Vue CLI: 4.IDEA configures Vue CLI: 2. Vue CLI project analysis 1. Structural analysis: 1.1 config 1.2 node_modules 1.3 src 1.4 static 2. Process analysis: 2.1 main.js 2.2 router/index.js 2.3 components/HelloWorld.vue 2.4 App.vue 2.5 index.html 1. Quick Start […]

Solution to “Python3.12pip network installation library file error, ssl module is unavailable”

Solution to “Python3.12pip network installation library file error, ssl module is unavailable” 1. Install the new version of openssl3.1.4 2. Install Python3.12.0 The Python version needs to match the openssl version. In versions after Python 3.7, the dependent openssl must be a version after 1.1.1 or 1.0.2, and the openssl1.0.2k installed in CentOS7 cannot meet […]

Sonatype Nexus deployment docker installation nexus3

Nexus is a powerful Maven warehouse manager that greatly simplifies the maintenance of your own internal warehouse and access to external warehouses. 1. Check available Nexus3 versions You can check other versions of nexus3 through Sort by. The default is the latest version sonatype/nexus3:latest. https://hub.docker.com/r/sonatype/nexus3/tags?page=1 &name=3.30.1 Because the version used by the company is nexus3:3.30.1, […]

Installation and configuration explanation of Log4j and Log4j2

What is a log? A log is a file that records detailed information about events or behaviors that occur when a system or application is running. It usually includes information such as timestamp, event type, event description, etc., so that troubleshooting, performance optimization, security auditing, etc. can be performed when needed. Logs can help developers […]

centos7 installation and configuration openstack deployment (1)

Article directory Preface 1. Architecture introduction 2. Preparation 1. Configure hosts 2. Change the host name and configure hosts mapping 3. Turn off the firewall, core protection, and network management 4. Mount the CD 5. Configure local source files 6. Time server deployment 7. Time client deployment 3. Install auxiliary components (rabbittmq, memcached, mariadb) 1. […]

Ubuntu vscode detailed installation and cmake configuration, git push and pull, shortcuts

Ubuntu vscode installation and cmake configuration detailed operations Install vscode https://blog.csdn.net/zhaomengszu/article/details/112261258 Solution to the slow or failed download of VSCode official website_vscode cannot be downloaded_Who knows this kid’s blog-CSDN blog 1. The official website may fail to download due to network problems. You can use the above method to download 2. First go to the […]

Docker installation of mysql, redis, rabbitmq, es, nacos under Liunx

1. Environment preparation Note: Ignore if related tools have already been installed. 1Install JAVA operating environment Step 1: Upload or download the installation package cd /usr/local jdk-8u152-linux-x64.tar.gz Step 2: Unzip the installation package tar -zxvf jdk-8u152-linux-x64.tar.gz Step 3: Establish a soft connection ln -s /usr/local/jdk1.8.0_152/ /usr/local/jdk Step 4: Modify environment variables vim /etc/profile export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk […]