Practical installation of oracle19c server on centos7.9 (nanny-level steps)

1. Preparation before installation 1.1. Installation environment preparation I use centos7.9 + X86 environment Memory 4G Storage 50G 1.2. Installation package preparation You can download it directly from the official website Installation package: Pre-installation package: You can also download it through the Baidu network disk I shared. Link: Extraction code: tgi6 There […]

[MySQL installation and cluster construction in Linux environment]

Article directory 1. Install MySQL8.X in Linux environment 1.1. Configure network card information in Linux environment 1.2. Remotely pull the MySQL8.x installation package 1.3. MySQL installation and related parameter configuration 1.4. MySQL startup and remote connection settings 2. MySQL master-slave cluster construction 2.1. Purpose and reasons for cluster construction 2.2. Problems in building a MySQL […]

Necessary instructions for Linux installation of DM8

This article records the necessary Linux related instructions for installing DM8 database. User related Create installation user groups and users In order to reduce the impact on the operating system, users can create a dedicated system user group for DM before installation, and create a new database management user dmdba under the user group to […]

PXE installation and Kickstart unattended installation

Introduction to PXE Allow the client to download the boot image and kernel file from the remote server through the network, load the system installation file, and install the entire Linux operating system The core of PXE: batch installation Unattended: automated operation Advantages 1. Scale: install multiple linux at the same time 2. Automation: no […]

Ubuntu 18.04 installation Autoware1.13 installation

Reference link: 1,cuda installation 1.1, preparation before installation According to the official documentation, check the operating system environment before installation. Verify GPU lspci | grep -i nvidia Verify Linux version information uname -m & amp; & amp; cat /etc/release Verify whether the gcc compiler is installed (gcc will be installed automatically when installing the GPU […]

3. Installation of docker warehouse (Nexus, Harbor)

This article directory Preface 1.Aliyun mirror warehouse 2.Nexus 1.Nexus private server construction 2. Log in to the console 3. Configure nexus warehouse 4. Configure the nexus warehouse address as a safe mirror address 5. Push the image to the nexus warehouse 6. Pull the nexus warehouse image 3.Harbor 1.Docker Compose installation 2. Harbor installation 3. […]

linux installation postgresql13

Linux installation postgresql13 1. Install postgresql13 1.1 Installation 1.2. Database initialization 1.3. Configure remote access 1.3.1 Modify configuration file 1.3.2 Restart the service 1.3.3 Test connection 1.4 Uninstall 2. Install Postgis 2.1 Installation 2.2 Add postgis to the database 2.2.1 View files 2.2.2 Add postgis to the database 2.2.3 Create operating system user 3. Install […]

SkyWalking9.5.0 installation and SpringBoot performance link monitoring

Article directory 1. Download and install 1.1. Install Elasticsearch storage 1.2. Install SkyWalking server 2. Monitor microservices 2.1. Monitor Spring Boot microservices 2.1. Monitor Spring Cloud Gateway Skywalking is an application performance monitoring tool for distributed systems. It is designed for microservices, cloud native architecture and container-based (Docker, K8S, Mesos) architecture. It is an excellent […]

Hadoop installation (2) fully distributed operation mode

Fully distributed operation mode Write cluster distribution script scp (secure copy) secure copy, which can realize data copy between servers Basic syntax: scp -r $pdir/$fname $user@$host:$pdir/$fname Command recursion File path/name to be copied Destination user@host: destination path/name a. On hadoop102, copy the /opt/module/jdk1.8.0_212 directory in hadoop102 to hadoop103 scp -r jdk1.8.0_212/ atguigu@hadoop103:/opt/module b. On hadoop102, […]

Install VMware Tools on Linux system virtual machine in VCSA (CentOS/RHEL minimal installation version)

Article directory Install VMware Tools on Linux system virtual machine in VCSA (CentOS/RHEL minimal installation version) 1. Introduction 2. Preparations before installing VMware Tools 1) On the VCSA page, click “Install VMware Tools”, as shown in the figure below 2) Click “Mount”, as shown in the figure below 3) In the editing settings of the […]