MTK Android12 silent installation interface

This document provides a broadcast receiver on the android12 system. The app sends a broadcast and brings in the apk address to install it. 1. Broadcast registration frameworks\base\services\core\java\com\android\server\policy\ Dependencies to be imported first import; import android.content.IntentSender; import; import; // import android.os.RemoteException; import android.content.ComponentName; import android.util.Log; import; import; import; import […]

GET, POST request third-party interface HttpClient calls tool class

GET request example: Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<>(); params.put(“grant_type”, “client_credential”); params.put(“appid”,”your own appid”); params.put(“secret”, “your own secret key”); String resultStr = HttpClientUtil.sendGet(url, params); POST JOSN request example: JSONObject params = new JSONObject(); params.put(“Third-party request parameters”, “Own input parameters”); params.put(“Third-party request parameters”, “Own input parameters”); params.put(“Third-party request parameters”, “Own input parameters”); params.put(“Third-party request parameters”, “Own […]

A Calculator with a Visual Interface Based on Python

Article directory I. Introduction II.Basic Information III. PSP Table IV. Ideas before Launching the Project V. Design and Implementation Process VI. Code Description 1. Import the necessary modules: 2. Define the functions for different calculator operations: 3. Create a Tkinter window for the calculator: 4. Create a frame to hold the calculator components: 5. Set […]

TienChin activity management-modify activity interface

front-end activity.js Directly replace the existing ones for speed. I will record them one by one in detail later, so I won’t explain too much. import request from ‘@/utils/request’ /** * Query activity list * @param query query condition parameters * @returns {*} query results */ export function listActivity(query) { return request({ url: ‘/tienchin/activity/list’, method: […]

Pyside6 installation and simple interface development

Pyside6 installation and simple interface development Introduction to Pyside6 Pysied6 development environment setup Python installation Pysied6 installation Pyside6 interface development Simple interface design interface design Interface compilation Write interface initialization code Software packaging Introduction to Pyside6 For GUI development in Python, the visual programming module that comes with Python is weak in functionality. PySide is […]

[C#] Customize container controls, set interface controls, and support drag-in controls from the designer

First, the renderings: 1. First rewrite the control functions of the setting interface: public partial class SetterControl : UserControl { publicSetterControl() { InitializeComponent(); Initialize(); } /// <summary> /// Get or set the group list /// </summary> public Dictionary<string, List<SetterStrip>> Items; /// <summary> /// Container /// </summary> public Panel ItemContainer { get; set; } ///// <summary> […]

Unittest interface automated testing

I’m here again to share the actual practice of unittest interface automation from years ago. This time the automation interface framework is relatively simple, but it has all the essentials. (Note: The project is for testing our company’s internal system, so I won’t share the link.) Project Introduction Project name: ****Business Card System Project purpose: […]

Python interface automation unittest unit test

The following mainly introduces the characteristics, operation process and actual cases of unittest. 1. Three consecutive questions on unit testing 1. What is unit testing? Divided according to stages, they are generally unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing. Unit testing is testing a single module, a single class or a single function. […]

Python Fire: Automatically generate command line interface

The command line program is the most commonly used way to write some gadgets. In order to make the command line program more flexible, we often set some parameters and let the program perform different functions according to the parameters. This eliminates the need to frequently modify the code to perform different functions. As the […]