What is the difference between Collections.emptyMap() and new HashMap? Table comparison + source code

Small thoughts: Recently, my mood is more complicated, ε=(′ο`*))), probably the time has come, coupled with the uncertainty of the future, the state has not been good; Seeing that many bigwigs have found summer internships, I am still here. First, I feel that the atmosphere is not bad (except for the Internet environment, there is […]

[Python Network Programming] Comparison of TCP and UDP

TCP transport method 1. TCP transmission characteristics Connection Oriented Transport Service Transmission characteristics: Provides reliable data transmission, reliability refers to no loss, no disorder, no error, no duplication during data transmission. Reliability guarantee mechanism (all are automatically completed by the operating system network service for the application): A data connection needs to be established before […]

c++ and go language use json comparison

Article directory foreword One, c + + operation JSON coding decoding 2. Golang operates JSON coding decoding Summarize Foreword JSON is a common data interchange format. Both C++ and Go languages provide libraries for manipulating JSON. This article introduces how to deal with JSON data in Go language and C++, and compares their similarities and […]

C++ STL and Qt container comparison

〇、Preface In daily development, it is often necessary to use some data structures to store data. In pure C++ development, you only need to choose the appropriate data structure according to your needs. But for the Qt/C++ mixed scenario, which data structure to choose becomes a problem, so in order to solve this doubt, I […]

Intelligent Systems Experiment: Schelling Isolation Model Simulation

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import itertools import random import copy class Schelling: def __init__(self, width, height, empty_ratio, similarity_threshold, n_iterations, races=2): self.old_agents = None self. remaining_houses = None self.n_empty = None self.all_houses = None self. width = width self. height = height self.races = races self.empty_ratio = empty_ratio self. similarity_threshold = similarity_threshold self.n_iterations = n_iterations self.empty_houses […]

Redis data structure – QuickList, SkipList, RedisObjective

Following the above, this article mainly introduces QuickList, SkipList, RedisObjective 4. Redis data structure – QuickList Question 1: Although ZipList saves memory, the application memory must be a continuous space. If the memory occupies a lot, the application memory efficiency is very low. what to do? ? Answer: In order to alleviate this problem, we […]

Message middleware – RocketMQ (comparison with Kafka and RabbitMQ)

Comparison of RocketMQ, Kafka, and RabbitMQ 1.ActiveMQ: The older message middleware produced by Apache 2.Kafka: supports log messages and monitoring data. It is a high-throughput distributed publish-subscribe message system that supports millions of stand-alone throughputs, but may cause data loss 3.RocketMQ: After using Kafka, Ali found that its message system is mainly oriented to log […]

Being imprisoned for 100,000 years, java is crazy

8.1Java class package Every time a class is defined in Java, after being compiled by the Java compiler, a file with the extension .class will be generated. When the scale of the program gradually expands, it is easy to cause name conflicts. Thousands of classes with various functions are provided in the JDK API, and […]