Java object instantiation process

If the content is infringing, please contact to delete, if there is something wrong, please criticize and correct. ? Introduction The instantiation process of the object is divided into two parts: the loading and initialization of the class, and the initialization of the object To create an object instance of a class, the class needs […]

Java realizes real-time monitoring of MySQL database changes MySQLBinListener

Directory 1. Export the required classes and interfaces 2. Define the MySQLBinlogListener class 3. Private method to start the reconnection timer 4. Complete code Write a listener for real-time changes to the MySQL database. Why write this listener: In order to monitor and respond to change events in the MySQL database in real time Real-time […]

The operating mechanism of JavaScript

Processes and threads What is a process The CPU is the heart of the computer and undertakes all computing tasks. According to the official website, a process is the smallest unit of CPU resource allocation. It literally means a program in progress. I understand it as a task program that can run independently and has […]

Generate tree parent-child structure through hierarchy (Java)

Thought sorting process Taking the vehicle configuration information as an example, the imported template information is as follows. My requirement is fixed to 7 levels, and it doesn’t matter if it is not fixed Just import the last level, that is, /Guangqi Honda, /Guangqi Honda/2018, /Guangqi Honda/2018/car series 01, you only need to import the […]

Generator functions and yield in JavaScript

This article has participated in the “Newcomer Creation Ceremony” activity, and together we will start the road to gold nugget creation. Generator functions and yield statements A generator function is a special type of function in JavaScript that produces multiple values incrementally, rather than returning all the results at once. Unlike ordinary functions, generator functions […]

From 1D to 2D: Array conversion tricks in JavaScript

Overview In JavaScript, we often need to convert a one-dimensional array to a two-dimensional array. This kind of operation is very common in fields such as data processing and visualization. This article will introduce two methods of converting a one-dimensional array into a two-dimensional array, hoping to help readers better understand this process. Method 1: […]

JavaWeb Classic_04_jQuery

JavaWeb Classic_04_jQuery Today’s tasks 1. jQuery The attribute operation 2. jQuery practise 3. jQuery CSS style manipulation 4. jQuery animation operation 5. jQuery event action Class Notes Today’s lesson content: Attribute manipulation of 1, jQuery jQuery Attribute manipulation html() It can set and get the content in the opening and closing tags. and dom Attributes […]

JavaWeb Classic_03_jQuery

JavaWeb Classic_03_jQuery Today’s tasks 1. jQuery Hello world 2. jQuery Selector 3. jQuery filter 4. jQuery Element screening Class Notes 1, jQuery Introduction What is jQuery? jQuery, as the name suggests, is JavaScript and query (Query), which is a js class library that assists JavaScript development. jQuery The core idea! ! ! Its core idea […]

Use Maven to quickly integrate and build and develop JavaFX for desktop application development

Purpose: Don’t step on the pit you have stepped on once Nanny-level tutorials, package education package meeting With this method, you don’t need to worry about manually configuring the jar package every time, and you don’t need to worry about the VM parameter –module-path of the startup class. With this method, you don’t need to […]