Key event processing in Java and VB: parsing KeyCode and KeyAscii; the relationship difference and application of KeyDown/KeyUp/KeyPress

Write the directory title here 1. Background 2. KeyCode and KeyAscii 2.1 KeyCode and KeyAscii in VB 2.2 KeyEvent.getKeyCode() in java 3. KeyDown, KeyUp and KeyPress 3.1 KeyDown, KeyUp and KeyPress in VB 3.2 Key event processing in Java 4. The difference between VB and java 4.1 Features in VB: 4.2 Features in Java: 4.3 […]

Java – Understanding recursion and binary tree traversal in one article

1. How to understand recursion? First, let’s review the principle of Java’s method calling mechanism: 1) Every time the program calls a method, the current local variables, parameter values, return address, etc. will be pushed onto the stack. 2) When the method completes execution or encounters a return statement, it will return to the place […]

Java polymorphism and abstract class application example: dynamically calling the same method

Java polymorphism and abstract class application examples: dynamically calling the same method Summary Preface Key explanations Summarize Blogger’s silent words take you Go to New World. ?Personal homepage–Moyu’s blog “Complete Java Interview Questions” The rest of the generation has little talent and little knowledge. There may be some inaccuracies in the copied works. Readers are […]

Java + SikuliX implement automated testing based on images

Because most current GUI tools need to rely on the program type for feature attribute identification, such as Selenium, Appium, and UIAutomator. When conducting WebUI automated testing, some elements are difficult or impossible to locate using traditional Selenium methods (traditional method: positioning using attributes such as id), such as: object elements; file upload functions based […]

Java project development: Design and implementation of spark-based news recommendation system

Welcome to like, collect, follow and comment. Due to limited space, only part of the core code is shown. Article directory Preface 1. Project introduction 2. Development environment 3. Function introduction Database design overview Database table design 4. Core code 5. Effect drawing 6. Article Table of Contents Foreword With the rapid development of China’s […]

Detailed analysis of Java dynamic proxy implementation and principles

Detailed analysis of Java dynamic proxy implementation and principles Regarding dynamic proxies in Java, the first thing we need to understand is a common design pattern-the proxy pattern. For proxies, according to the method of creating proxy classes Time points can be divided into static agents and dynamic agents. 1. Proxy mode The agent pattern […]

7 Java regular expressions

Java Regular Expressions Java regular expressions Regular expression example Methods of the Matcher class Java Regular Expressions Regular expressions define patterns of strings. Regular expressions can be used to search, edit or manipulate text. Regular expressions are not limited to one language, but there are subtle differences in each language. Regular expression example A string […]

Java handwritten annotation processor and case expansion

Java handwritten annotation processor and case expansion 1. The necessity of handwritten annotation processor In Java development, annotations are a type of metadata that add additional information to the code for processing by compilers, tools, and frameworks. Through custom annotations, we can implement some specific functions, such as code generation, configuration parsing, etc. However, the […]

Java is a semi-compiled and semi-interpreted language

If the interviewer asks you this question, explain it from two angles javac compiles, java runs, just-in-time compilation + interpretation and execution during runtime The underlying implementation of the two interpreters There are currently two interpreters in the JVM See the actual operation for specific details. Three operating modes Why can JIT improve performance? The […]

Java-tank attack (multi-threaded implementation of bullets)

Java-tank attack (multi-threaded bullet implementation) Implementation process Define the bullet class (Bullet) /** * Bullets * @author: SEA * @date: 2023/3/18 */ public class Bullet {<!– –> //Bullet coordinates and launch direction int x; int y; int direction; int speed = 5; //The initial speed of the bullet is 5 public Bullet(int x, int y, […]