The Windows host is suitable for the K8S Operator development environment

Build K8S application development environment based on win 10 1. wsl subsystem installation Operate in cmd command line terminal or powershell 1.1 Confirm the Windows operating system version 1.2 Enable wsl function 1.3 wsl configuration PS C:\Users\cpf>wsl hint: There are no installed distributions of Windows Subsystem for Linux. The distribution can be installed by visiting […]

Orange Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 4B build K8S cluster practice six: App service deployment

Directory 1. Description 1.1 Regarding the WebApp of the PHP + Nginx system, two deployment modes will be practiced here: 1.2 Configuration list 2. WebApp deployment of PHP + Nginx system 2.1 Single-node multi-container mode A 2.1.1 Preparations 2.2.2 Deployment 2.2.3 Access Effect 2.2 Multi-node single container mode B 2.2.1 Preparations 2.2 Configure virtual host […]

Deploy nginx-ingress in k8s to achieve external access to k8s cluster internal services

k8s implements cluster external network access function through nginx-ingress One: Ingress Overview 1.1 How ingress works Step1: The ingress controller interacts with the k8s API to dynamically perceive the changes in the ingress service rules in the k8s cluster, then reads it, and forwards it to the corresponding service in the k8s cluster according to […]

k8s cluster external etcd cluster storage data

1. Preface The k8s cluster can store data in the form of an external etcd cluster, or can choose to use etcd containerization to build a cluster to store data, because I used a containerized etcd cluster in the construction of a k8s high-availability cluster. Now let’s talk about using an external etcd Cluster way […]

Containerd+Kubernetes build k8s cluster

Containerd + Kubernetes to build a k8s cluster Documentation The version and download address of the installed software Environmental description server preparation Load balancing IP address preparation installation steps environment settings turn off firewall close SELinux Close the swap partition Set up hostname resolution set hostname Load the br_netfilter module Bridged IPv4 traffic passed to […]

k8s configures persistent storage through nfs-provisioner

1. Introduction to nfs-client-provisioner There is no built-in Provisioner for NFS storage in Kubernetes clusters. But you can configure an external Provisioner for NFS in the cluster. Nfs-client-provisioner is an open source NFS external Provisioner that uses NFS Server to provide persistent storage for Kubernetes clusters and supports dynamic purchase of PV. However, nfs-client-provisioner itself […]

Helm deploys mysql k8s master-slave cluster

Helm is the package manager of k8s. Using helm deployment can simplify the Yaml files that need to be written during the deployment process. This article uses bitnami’s helm warehouse to deploy mysql one-master and two-slave clusters. Prerequisites: a harbor docker private server, a k8s cluster, and an available storage class Add the bitnami repository […]

Rolling release, graceful downtime, elastic scaling, application monitoring, configuration separation in Spring Boot + K8S

Source: K8s + SpringBoot achieves zero downtime release: health check + rolling update + graceful shutdown + elastic scaling + Prometheus monitoring + configuration separation (mirror reuse) Configuration Health check Health check type: readiness probe (readiness) + survival probe (liveness) Probe type: exec (enter the container to execute the script), tcpSocket (detect port), httpGet […]

Ray K8s cluster deployment

Ray K8s cluster deployment 1. Introduction 2. Ray on Kubernetes 2.1 Get Started 2.2User Guides 2.2.1 Managed K8s services 2.2.2 RayCluster Configuration 2.2.3 Kuberay Autoscaling 2.2.4 Logging 2.2.5 Using GPUs 2.2.6 Experimental Features 2.2.7 (Advanced) Deploying a static Ray Cluster without Kuberay 2.3 Examples 2.3.1 Ray AIR XGBoost Trainer on K8s 2.3.2 ML training with […]