k8s resource management operation-declarative management method

Table of Contents Declarative resource management approach 1. Commonly used kubernetes management commands 1) Check version information 2) View the resource object abbreviation 3) View cluster information 4) Configure kubectl automatic completion 5) Node node view logs 2. Resource management commands 1) Create resources 2) View resources 3) Delete resources 4) Enter the container in […]

k8s’s Init Containers container implements code version upgrade release and deployment version rollback: practical operation version

Initialization containers in Pod: Init Containers Theoretical premise of initContainers implementation: Containers in the same Pod share network, volume and other resources Init Containers In Kubernetes, an init container is a container that is started and executed before other containers in the same Pod. Its purpose is to perform initialization logic for the main application […]

kubeadm installs k8s high availability cluster

Table of Contents 1. Environmental planning 2. Things to note: 3. Environment preparation: 1. Turn off firewall rules, turn off selinux, and turn off swap: 2. Modify the host name 3. Modify the hosts file on all nodes: 4. Time synchronization of all nodes: 5. All nodes implement Linux resource limits: 6. Upgrade the kernel […]

Network connection between k8s pods

k8s cluster: linode k8s cluster, one master and two slaves. The test takes busybox using wget to access nginxindex as an example. Kubectl connects k8s cluster Import configuration file information into local kubectl export KUBECONFIG=/path/to/your/kubeconfig.yaml Test 1. Access between pods in the same namespace Create busybox in the default namespace kubectl run -it –image busybox:1.28.4 […]

Configuration resource management of k8s

1. secret Secret is a k8s resource used to store sensitive data such as passwords, tokens, keys, etc. Although this type of data can also be stored in Pods or mirrors, it is placed in Secret to more conveniently control how to use the data and reduce exposure. risk. There are three types: 1. kubernetes.io/service-account-token: […]

k8s persistent storage PV, PVC

Table of Contents emptyDir storage volume hostPath storage volume nfs shared storage volume PVC and PV PV creation and destruction process NFS uses PV and PVC Build StorageClass + NFS to realize dynamic PV creation of NFS The life cycle of files on the container disk is short-lived, which causes some problems when running important […]

kubeadm deploys k8s and high availability

Table of Contents CNI network components 1. Function of flannel 2. Three modes of flannel 3. Working principle of flannel’s UDP mode 4. Working principle of flannel’s VXLAN mode 5. Main components of Calico 6. Working principle of calico’s IPIP mode 7. Working principle of calico’s BGP mode 8. The difference between flannel and calico […]

k8s[kubernetes] cluster construction (0>1)

Article Directory 1. Planning for building a K8S environment platform 2. Server hardware configuration requirements 3. Set up k8s cluster deployment method 4. Deployment in kubeadm mode – system initialization operation 5. Deployment in kubeadm mode – deploy master node 1Install Docker on all nodes 2Configure Alibaba Cloud Docker and kubernetes images on all nodes […]