Detailed explanation of java HashMap source code

Article directory Detailed explanation of java HashMap source code HashMap source code 1 put method process 2 expansion 3 get method Detailed explanation of java HashMap source code Java HashMap is an implementation of the Map interface based on a hash table, which can store a data structure of key-value pairs. The characteristics of HashMap […]

PCL extracts point cloud boundary contour-AC method, plane contour

1. Overview PCL point cloud boundary feature detection (with complete code C++)_pcl calculates point cloud feature values_McQueen_LT’s blog-CSDN blog In terms of point cloud boundary feature detection (grid model boundary feature detection is already a deterministic problem, see grid model boundary detection), there is a method in PCL for point cloud boundaries that can be […]

A “flyweight” C language coroutine library

Coroutine, as its name implies, is “co-operative routines”. Unlike threads with operating system concepts, coroutines are programming techniques that can achieve logical multitasking in user space by using the syntax and semantics of programming languages. In fact, the concept of coroutine is earlier than thread. According to Knuth, “Subroutine is a special case of coroutine”. […]

One article decoding language models: principles, practice and evaluation of language models

In this article, we take a deep dive into the inner workings of language models, from basic models to large-scale variants, and analyze the pros and cons of various evaluation metrics. The article provides a comprehensive and in-depth perspective through code examples, algorithm details, and latest research, aiming to help readers more accurately understand and […]

SpringBoot integrates Ldap–super detailed method explanation

LADP Overview LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services. Directory service is a service for storing and retrieving information. It is usually used to store user information, organizational structure, network equipment and other data within an organization. LDAP is a lightweight protocol designed for lookup and […]

Network (2) VLAN technology and network layer analysis

VLAN technology and applications 1 Broadcast Domain The broadcast domain refers to the range that receives the same broadcast message. Any device in this range sends a broadcast and all other devices can receive it. By default, all interfaces of the switch belong to the same broadcast domain 2 VLAN Overview VLAN, Virtual LAN (Virtual […]

Falling in love with C language: storage of integers and floating point types in memory (base conversion, original code, complement, complement and big and small endian)

Author: Ah Hui is extraordinary What do you think: Life is dull, but running is windy Column: Falling in love with C language Drawing tool: and open source drawing website) If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, follow, and collect to support the blogger. If there are any deficiencies, please […]

[C Language] Memory issues related to structures (2/2)

This learning goal 1.Structure memory alignment (hot interview questions) 2.Structure implementation bit segment Article directory This learning goal 1.Structure memory alignment (hot interview questions) 2.Structure implementation bit segment 1. Structure memory alignment 1.What rules exist for memory alignment? 2.Why does memory alignment exist? 1.1 Memory alignment rules 1.2 What is the significance of memory alignment […]

The innovative use of Amazon Transcribe under the application of Amazon Cloud AI large language model

Introduction to Transcribe Speech recognition technology, also known as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), aims to convert the lexical content in human speech into computer-readable input, such as keystrokes, binary codes, or character sequences. Speech recognition technology has been developing for decades. It was not until 2009, when Hinton introduced artificial intelligence deep learning solutions into […]

C language data structure-time complexity and space complexity

1. What are time complexity and space complexity? 1.1 Algorithm efficiency Algorithm efficiency analysis is divided into two types: the first is time efficiency, and the second is space efficiency. Time efficiency is called time complexity, while space efficiency is called space complexity. Time complexity mainly measures the running speed of an algorithm, while space […]