Encyclopedia of C language functions — functions starting with x (4)

C language function collection This article introduces the complete set of C language functions — functions starting with x 1. xdr_struct 1.1 Function Description Function Declaration Function Function bool_t xdr_struct(XDR *xdrs, void *addr, …); for encoding or decoding structures Body data Parameters: xdrs : Pointer to the XDR data structure representing the data stream to […]

SAP ABAP planned order to purchase requisition MD14

Users feel that it is too troublesome to transfer planned orders to purchase requisitions one by one through MD14. Although MD15 can be batched, it also needs to be confirmed one by one. When business consultants can’t convince users to check out standard features, the pressure is on technology. After research, the function MD_PLANNED_ORDER_2_REQUISITION can […]

Java implementation of Airplane Wars 2.0 game (open source)

Foreword: The game is based on [Shangxuetang] Aircraft Battle 2.0 at station B, the main frame remains unchanged, and the code is slightly changed. Java technology: java variables, java data types, judgment statements, loop structures, arrays, Java collections, simple window creation, graphics and picture drawing, double buffering technology, events-mouse and keyboard events, object collision detection. […]

Example explanation of the line parameters (argc, argv) of the main function

Directory foreword 1. Problem description 2. The meaning of line parameters 3. Topic application 1. Code (focus on Chinese comments) 2. Execute the test Foreword When doing the problem set–plurality of CS50 Week3, I encountered two line parameters (int argc, string argv[]) in the main function, which caused the code to be unclear at once. […]