Network (2) VLAN technology and network layer analysis

VLAN technology and applications 1 Broadcast Domain The broadcast domain refers to the range that receives the same broadcast message. Any device in this range sends a broadcast and all other devices can receive it. By default, all interfaces of the switch belong to the same broadcast domain 2 VLAN Overview VLAN, Virtual LAN (Virtual […]

Should we test the DAO layer?

Should the DAO layer be tested? # There is a lot of discussion online about whether unit testing should include testing at the DAO layer. The author feels that for some businesses that are mainly CRUD, the service layer and controller layer will be very thin, and the main logic falls on the mapper. At […]

nginx four-layer tcp load balancing and active and standby, four-layer udp load balancing and active and standby, 7-layer http load balancing and active and standby configuration (wndows system active and standby, load balancing)

Preparation Prepare two centos7 computers, virtual machines can also be used Use vmware17 to build centos7 mini version server on windows-CSDN Blog Set up a static IP address (because the network load balancing manager on the Windows server does not support dhcp servers) Modify the network card IP address in ky10, centos7 and other linux […]

Haproxy implements seven-layer load balancing

Table of Contents Haproxy overview haproxy algorithm: Haproxy implements seven-layer load ①Deploy nginx-server test page ②(active/standby) deploy load balancer ③Deploy keepalived for high availability ④Add health check on haproxy ⑤Test Haproxy Overview haproxy—It is mainly used for layer 7 load balancing, but it can also be used for layer 4 load balancing. Apache can also […]

Deep Neural Network (DNN) is an artificial neural network characterized by having multiple layers of neurons

Deep Neural Network (DNN) is an artificial neural network, which is characterized by having multiple layers of neurons, which can better handle complex nonlinear problems. In Java, we can use open source libraries such as Deeplearning4j (DL4J) to implement deep neural networks. In DL4J, a basic deep neural network consists of multiple layers, each containing […]

2023NOIP A layer joint test 30 A. Strawberry Train

2023NOIP A layer joint test 30 A. Strawberry Train Article directory 2023NOIP A layer joint test 30 A. Strawberry Train The general idea of the topic Ideas code The main idea of the title Given a sequence a a a, there is m m m operations, the [ l , r ] [l , r] […]

Django – routing layer

1. Route matching 1. Notes on route matching urlpatterns = [ url(r’^admin/’,, # front page url(r’^$’,views.home), # Route matching url(r’^test/$’,views.test), url(r’^testadd/$’,views.testadd), # Last page (understand): Use exception capture processing later. Such a last page makes Django’s second slash APPEND_SLASH=True in the path meaningless, and the mechanism of appending slashes in the second redirect is […]

“Network Protocol” 04. Application layer (DNS & DHCP & HTTP)

title: “Network Protocol” 04. Application layer (DNS & DHCP & HTTP) date: 2022-09-05 14:28:22 updated: 2023-11-12 06:55:52 categories: Learning Record: Network Protocol excerpt: Application layer, DNS, DHCP, HTTP (URI & URL, ABNF, message format, request method, status code, header field, Form submission, same-origin policy). comments: false tags: top_image: /images/backimg/SunsetClimbing.png Network Protocol 1: Network interconnection model […]

uc_01_Computer system layering_environment variables_error handling

1. Computer system layering 1. What is an operating system? The operating system is a system software that manages computer hardware and software resources, referred to as OS. 2. Computer system layering: The operating system manages the computer’s hardware resources through drivers. The operating system interacts with the user through system calls. The operating system […]