c++ third-party library manager vcpkg imports libraries like python

Introducing the background of vcpkg What is vcpkg vcpkg is an open source C++ library management tool that helps developers quickly install and manage C++ libraries on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. vcpkg supports more than 1500 C++ libraries, including Boost, OpenSSL, SDL2 and other commonly used libraries. The history and development […]

What are the Python standard libraries?

Overview Usability notes built-in functions Built-in constants Constants added by the site module # @Author: Little Red Bull # WeChat public account: wdPython built-in types Logical value detection Boolean operations – and, or, not comparison operation Numeric types – int, float, complex Boolean type – bool iterator type Sequence types – list, tuple, range Text […]

Linux generates dynamic libraries

Dynamic library 1. Naming rules Linux: libxxx.so lib: prefix (fixed); xxx: The name of the dynamic library (choose it yourself); .so: suffix (fixed); Windows:libxxx.dll 2. Production of dynamic library Use gcc to get the .o file and get position-independent code: gcc -c -fpic a.c b.c … Use gcc to get the dynamic library: gcc -shared […]

[Cambrian (1)] Use of DSP libraries: scaling and splicing practice, based on CNVE_LIB (Vision Engine Library), developing IPM splicing of DSP

Article directory MSP resources for Cambrian SD5223C Prepare Basic use DSP development dependencies 1 Look at the file “cn_dsp.h” 2 Look at the file “sample_comm_dsp.h” 3 Develop DSP resize Look at the core file cnve.h file 4 Develop IPM splicing of DSP REMap method for IPM splicing The following is the general usage of the […]

Data migration (/backup) of tables and libraries of different MySQL services

Goal: Export the table_11 data table of the migration_one database in the MySQL service with username=root, password=root, port=3307 on the local host to the local D:\start_java\XinQiUtilsOrDemo\testMigrationMySQL\table_11.bak Note: Currently, the file table_11.bak does not exist in the folder D:\start_java\XinQiUtilsOrDemo\testMigrationMySQL. Let’s first take a look at the data in the data table: SELECT * FROM migration_one.`table_11`; result: […]

Use opencv and dlib libraries (C++ code) to implement face liveness detection (blinking, mouth opening, shaking head detection)

Foreword This article uses opencv and dlib libraries, and uses C++ code to implement face detection, including blink detection, mouth opening detection, and shaking head detection, which can effectively distinguish static pictures from living objects. Effect display Dlib library introduction dlib is an open source C++ machine learning library that provides a series of algorithms […]

Top 5 Python libraries for extracting text from images

The main thing is to understand and master the OCR tool for text positioning and recognition~ Optical character recognition is an old but still challenging The problem involves detecting and recognizing text from unstructured data, including images and PDF documents. It has wide applications in areas such as banking, e-commerce, and social media content management. […]

7 Python Authentication Libraries Worth Bookmarking

In the era of digital transformation, where every byte of data becomes a potential gold mine, protecting data becomes critical. Think of the digital realm as an ancient palace, and while the interior is adorned with treasures (read: data), the gates (read: authentication) determine who gets in and who gets kicked out. Python is powerful: […]