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LinuxUbuntu16.04 configuration repo

Ubuntu16.04 failed to configure repo In the process of learning Wei Dongshan’s Linux embedded development, use the repo to obtain the kernel and tool chain: git clone https://e.coding.net/codebug8/repo.git mkdir -p 100ask_imx6ull-sdk & amp; & amp; cd 100ask_imx6ull-sdk ../repo/repo init -u https://gitee.com/weidongshan/manifests.git -b linux-sdk -m imx6ull/100ask_imx6ull_linux4.9.88_release.xml –no-repo-verify ../repo/repo sync -j4 The result failed, error message: repo: […]

LinSNPGT: Genotyping specified SNP loci on Linux systems

LinSNPGT: Genotyping specified SNP loci on Linux systems General introduction background Test Data Install SNPGT SNPGT-build contact us General introduction We have developed a toolkit WinSNPGT for calling variant sites on Windows systems, which is very friendly to those with little Linux operating experience. It obtains genotypes from raw sequencing data for a specified SNP […]

Linux Kernel-CPU Cache and Memory Barrier

1. CPU cache The origin of cpu cache In all instruction fetch cycles of the CPU (program calculation), the memory needs to be accessed at least once (that is, what we call data on physical memory) It usually requires multiple accesses to the memory to fetch operands or save results. The speed of CPU processing […]

3.2 Linux Vim editor

vi is a powerful full-screen text editing tool that has always been the default document editor for UNIX-like operating systems. vim is an enhanced version of the vi text editor, which extends many practical functions based on the vi editor. Enter “Vim file name”: if the file exists, Vim will open the file; if the […]

Linux: Use of vim editor

Table of Contents 1. What is vim editor? Basic concepts of vim 2. Basic operations of vim 3. vim normal mode command set 4. Vim end line mode command set 5. Vim configuration 1. What is vim editor? Vim is a widely used text editor on Linux systems. It has powerful functions and a high […]

[Linux] dns domain name resolution service

1. DNS 1.1 Introduction to DNS Domain name resolution: (English: Domain Name System, abbreviation: DNS) is a service of the Internet. As a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other, it can make people access the Internet more conveniently. DNS uses udp53 and tcp53. Currently,the length limit for each level […]

Typical configuration of DNS server in Linux

Table of Contents BIND installation and deployment Forward analysis Programming zone configuration file Programming data configuration file Change the DNS address parameters in the network card to the local IP address ( Reverse analysis Programming zone configuration file Programming data configuration file Check the results. Change the DNS address parameter in the network card to […]

Linux network DNS service

Table of Contents 1. Introduction to DNS service 1. Basic concepts 2.Domain name classification 3.DNS server type 2. DNS principle 1. Query method 2. Query principle process 3. Configuration file 1. Configuration file location ①. Main configuration file ②. Regional configuration file ③. Database configuration file 2. Resource records 4. Forward analysis steps 1. Experimental […]

WIndows’ CMD\PowerShell command line startup program runs a nohup command similar to Linux system in the background.

There is no command similar to nohup under windows, but you can use other commands to achieve this function. 1. Explanation of commands used: 1. Start-Process: Start one or more processes on the local computer. Related introduction links: Start-Process (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management) | Microsoft Learn? Mainly used parameters 1.1, -WindowStyle Specifies the state of the window used […]

Install airflow scheduling on linux system

Create airflow user groupadd airflow useradd airflow -g airflow Install python3 yum -y update yum -y install gcc — will be used later to install mysqlclient yum -y install gcc-objc gcc-objc + + libobjc — does not install and reports error gcc: error trying to exec ‘cc1plus’: execvp: No such file or directory yum -y […]