Classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on cuckoo algorithm optimization – code attached

Optimizing the classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on the cuckoo algorithm – code attached Article directory Classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on cuckoo algorithm optimization – code attached 1. Overview of PNN network 2. Related background of transformer fault diagnosis system 2.1 Model establishment 3. PNN network based on […]

Data structure – headed two-way circular linked list

Hello, I’m Yui. Foreword Speaking of linked lists, we talked about singly linked lists before, but there are more than one types of linked lists, if you want to classify them. Linked lists can be divided into headed or non-headed, one-way or two-way, cyclic or non-cyclic, which means that there should be a total of […]

[Android] Screen lag, optimized list fluency, pull down to refresh, pull up to load more components, RefreshLayout modification

I have also written about similar components before: Address: Pull down to refresh & pull up to load more components SmartRefreshLayout I originally planned to replace it with this one, but after careful research I found it was not suitable. The functions are very good, but they cannot be embedded in the current engineering system. […]

Use the Stream stream to convert the obtained object List<Object>form data into Map<Grouping conditions, quantity statistics>form

For example, the current business needs to group the obtained data, and then use another method to process the data. The methods used are Collectors.groupingBy, Collectors.counting(), Collectors.reducing(). Then, take the following example as an example to collect the obtained lists and group the obtained data by gender, with gender as K and the number of […]

Instances of all methods in the list type (except sort) and explanations (called through help (list))

1. Overview After using help (list) and running it, you can see the following methods: append, clear, copy, count, extend, index, insert, pop, remove, reverse, a total of ten methods. Next, I will give examples one by one. explain. 2. Examples and explanations 1.append: Append object to the end of the list. (Append object to […]

The underlying principle of ArrayList

1. Data structure of ArrayList The underlying data structure of ArrayList is an array. The type of array elements is Object type. All operations on ArrayList are based on arrays. 2. Thread safety of ArrayList The operation of adding elements to ArrayList is carried out in two steps, that is, the first step is to […]

“Data Structure, Algorithm and Application C++ Language Description” – Code to implement key-value ordered linked list jump list

Skip list Definition Searching in a dictionary of n number pairs described by an ordered linked list requires at most n key comparisons. If a pointer is added to the middle node of the linked list, the number of comparisons can be reduced to n/2 + 1. At this time, in order to find a […]

Android Studio-implement list jump

1. Homework Objectives Based on the WeChat portal interface implemented in the previous job, when the list on the first interface is clicked, another interface will be entered and a text prompt will be given. 2. Design process 1. Appearance design Optimize the list of the first interface and add an imageview to item.xml; Remove […]