Improper new ArrayList causes CPU spike. .

Source: Preface The scene at that time Normal jvm monitoring curve chart The jvm monitoring curve that caused the problem Specific analysis Conclusion Yesterday, the CPU of the online container suddenly surged. This is the first time to troubleshoot this problem, so I will record it~ Foreword First of all, the problem is this. […]

ArrayList expansion mechanism

1. Introduction to ArrayList: ? The ArrayList class is also called a dynamic array. It implements both the Collection and List interfaces. Its internal data structure is implemented by an array, so it can achieve fast random access to the elements in the container. However, because inserting or deleting an element in ArrayList requires moving […]

A brief analysis of the ArrayList collection source code [one article to the end]

1. Definition ArrayList is a common data structure in Java. It implements the List interface and is a thread-unsafe dynamic array. It is also a commonly used collection. It allows the insertion of any element, even null elements. 2. Properties //Default initial capacity private static final int DEFAULT_CAPACITY = 10; //empty array private static final […]

Vue 2 entering, leaving and list transitions

Foreword Vue provides a variety of ways to achieve transition effects. Auto-apply class in CSS transitions and animations Works with CSS animation library Use JavaScript in the Transition Hook Function to manipulate the DOM Works with JavaScript animation library Single element/component transition Placing an element or component within a can trigger transition effects in the […]

Linked list oj question && Linked list and LinkedList && The concept of stack && The concept of queue && Tree and binary tree

Question 1 (Programming question) Question name: Find the entry point of the ring Question content: Find the entry point of the ring Question 2 (Programming question) Question name: Judgment chain watch ring Question content: Determine linked list with ring Question 3 (Programming question) Question name: Determine the intersection of linked lists Question content: Determine the […]

Compile the C++ version jsoncpp/opencv/onnxruntime on ubuntu18.04 and how to configure CMakelist to use them~

The background of this article is the author’s notes on compiling C++ code on ubuntu, relying on some packages, and then needing to compile and configure it to CMakelist. The main reason is that I don’t understand CMakellist very well. I made a note to prevent forgetting. It also provides readers with a one-stop reference. […]

Why is list.sort() faster than Stream().sorted()?

Because the official account has changed the push rules, please click “Looking” and add “star” to get exciting technology sharing as soon as possible Click to follow the #InternetArchitect official account and get the full set of architect information here 0,2T architect learning materials dry content Previous article: Sharing of useful learning materials for 2T […]

[Algorithm] Java-use arrays to simulate one-way linked lists and doubly linked lists

Table of Contents Question 1: Implement a singly linked list and implement the following functions: Question 2: Implement a double linked list and implement the following functions Summary of ideas: Under what circumstances might it involve using arrays to implement linked lists? While studying, I learned that arrays can be used to simulate linked lists, […]

Front-end song – Lesson 9 – About the original typescript implementation of todolist

Foreword I am a ballad. The best time to plant trees was ten years ago, followed by now. Today, I will continue to bring you an explanation of original typescript. Environment configuration npm init -y yarn add vite -D Modify page.json configuration port { “name”: “demo1”, “version”: “1.0.0”, “description”: “”, “main”: “index.js”, “scripts”: { “dev”: […]