Jenkins+GitLab+Docker builds front-end automation build mirror container deployment (no local certificate, mapping certificate)

Foreword Need to install the environment and knowledge points in advance: 1. Docker construction and basic operation 2. DockerFile file description 3. Jenkins construction and basic points Purpose: Package our front-end project into a mirror container and automatically publish and deploy it, which can be accessed by pull at any time 1. Manually deploy images […]

JavaScript toLocaleString() method

During the processing of a large number of time formats involved in recent development projects, the toLocaleString() method was encountered during the processing. This article summarizes some knowledge points of the toLocaleString() method. Overview toLocale?String() is used to return the string after formatting the object. Its syntax is as follows: dateObj.toLocaleString([locales [, options]]) This method […]

Decryption error when receiving WeChat encrypted message Illegal key size (local decryption is normal, server decryption error)

Record the problems needed when connecting to the WeChat interface, and an error will be reported when decrypting the WeChat message. It is normal to decrypt locally, but an error will be reported when it is deployed to the server for decryption Error message Illegal key size at javax.crypto.Cipher.checkCryptoPerm( at javax.crypto.Cipher.implInit( at javax.crypto.Cipher.chooseProvider( at […]

Redis installed locally and tested with java

1. Install Redis on windows 1. Download Redis Github download address: Releases microsoftarchive/redis GitHub 2. Unzip to a certain directory, mine is in c:/apps/redis 3. Start the redis server. C:\apps\redis>redis-server _._ _.-“__ ”-._ _.-“ `. `_. ”-._ Redis 3.0.504 (00000000/0) 64 bit .-“ .-“`. “`\/ _.,_ ”-._ ( ‘ , .-` | `, […]

Deploy Tendermint network locally using Docker

Install ClevelDB To use ClevelDB, install ClevelDB first sudo apt-get update sudo apt install build-essential sudo apt-get install libsnappy-dev wget & amp; & amp; \ tar -zxvf v1.20.tar.gz & amp; & amp; \ cd leveldb-1.20/ & amp; & amp; \ make & amp; & amp; \ sudo cp -r out-static/lib* out-shared/lib* /usr/local/lib/ & amp; […]

About sending local notifications before IOS10

Reference link: IOS4-IOS9 uses UILocalNotification to send local notifications, and IOS10 uses UNNotification. Difference: UILocalNotification and UNNotification are classes used to send local notifications and remote notifications in iOS, and there are some differences and different characteristics between them. Variations supported by iOS version UILocalNotification was introduced in iOS 4 and remained until iOS […]

LLM Exploration: Environment Construction and Model Local Deployment

1 Preface Recently, I have been doing alchemy (AIGC), and suddenly found that the business code is boring… Last time I published an article on AI drawing. Although ChatGPT cannot be deployed by itself, there are still many open source LLMs. As long as there is a similar graphics card, it is no problem to […]

Android reads local data for local development

Foreword In daily development, the API interface has not been deployed yet, but the UI has come out. At this time, local data is often used to build the functional interface, which can often save development time to a great extent. The tools are used directly, and there are not many words say open 1. […]