Design of fully automatic washing machine based on 51 microcontroller

Design of fully automatic washing machine based on 51 microcontroller (Simulation + Program + Schematic + Design Report) Function introduction Specific functions: 1. Set 4 washing modes: “standard”, “economy”, “individual” and “drainage”. 2. Divided into strong washing and weak washing (motor speed). 3. The process is divided into “water intake”, “rinsing”, “washing” and “dehydration”. 4. […]

6 implementation options for single-machine idempotence

A friend suddenly asked two days ago: What is the simplest solution to prevent repeated submissions in Java? This sentence contains two key messages, first: Prevent duplicate submissions; second: Easiest. So the author asked him, is it a stand-alone environment or a distributed environment? The feedback I got was that it would be simple if […]

stm32 dual machine (f1 and f4) serial communication sends multi-byte symbol number

When I looked for serial port communication information on the Internet, most of it was communication between the host computer and the board. I rarely saw communication between two computers. I will record my thoughts in this article and hope it will be helpful. Interface connection: Select serial port one for f103, select serial port […]

Linux offline installation of cuda&cudnn and configuration of the machine and its environment packaging and migration

cuda installation cuda version adaptation Check the cuda version number supported by your computer [You can skip this step if you install the cuda toolkit on a supercomputing platform] CUDA toolkit Download official website download cuda toolkit Upload the downloaded .run executable file to the platform for offline installation $ cd /uploaded directory $ chmod […]

MyFileServer_3 target machine

Information collection Use arp-scan to find the IP. After excluding this, we get our target IP as nmap scan port scan TCP input the command; nmap -min-rate 10000 -p- There are more open ports UDP input the command: nmap -sU -min-rate 10000 -p- Processing port information Since there are many scanning ports, […]

Open BinLog and connect to the virtual machine canal

Tip: After the article is written, the table of contents can be automatically generated. For how to generate it, please refer to the help document on the right. Article directory 1. What is canal? Canal working principle 2. Usage steps 1. Use docker to create a database container 2. Turn on binlog mode 3. Canal […]

Implementing single-machine current limiting based on Spring Boot + Guava

1. What is current limiting Services can sometimes be under great pressure due to frequent network requests, especially those caused by illegal network attacks. Such situations sometimes require some restrictions. Current limiting can be considered a type of service degradation. Current limiting is to limit the input and output traffic of the system to achieve […]

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

JVM Introduction to JVM Overall structure of JVM JVM runtime data area program counter Java virtual machine stack native method stack heap method area Class loading mechanism 1. Loading 2. Verification 3. Preparation 4. Resolution 5. Initialization class loader Bootstrap ClassLoader Extension ClassLoader: Application ClassLoader: Parent delegation mechanism Introduction to JVM JVM (Java Virtual Machine) […]