Socket Behavior Distribution Manager

1. Define the behavior of Socket, /** * @Description: Socket behavior */ public interface SocketAction { /** * connection succeeded */ String ACTION_CONNECT_SUCCESS = “action_connect_success”; /** * Connection failed */ String ACTION_CONNECT_FAIL = “action_connect_fail”; /** * Disconnect */ String ACTION_DISCONNECTION = “action_disconnection”; } 2. Create Socket action distribution interface, /** * @Description: Socket […]

[linux] CentOS 7 error: yum command reports “Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: base/7/x86_6” or cannot access the Internet

1. Error reporting 2. Reason for error The system cannot parse the yum source for the following reasons The virtual machine cannot access the Internet! You need to check the network configuration to confirm that you can access the Internet and then look at the second situation Check if you can access the Internet: ping […]

Talking about App Crash and Hook Solution for iOS Performance Optimization

This article will explain the crash monitoring and anti-crash processing. how to collect crashes Use bugly, Youmeng and other third-party collection Monitoring crash principle Anti-Crash Handling Common Crash Types Anti-crash solution hook scheme security interface How to collect crash In the normal development process, due to the impreciseness of the code, such as not checking […]

[Spring Boot + Vue]: VueX state management library

For componentized development, the state of a large application often spans multiple components. It is very troublesome to transfer state between multi-layer nested parent-child components, and Vue does not provide a method for sibling components to directly share data. Based on this problem, many frameworks provide solutions: use a global state manager, and hand over […]

Linux daemon, device manager udev

Linux hot plug UDE mechanism Introduction udev is a device management tool, udev runs as a daemon process, and manages the device files in the /dev directory by listening to the uevent sent by the kernel. udev runs in user space, not in kernel space. It can dynamically update device files according to the status […]

Postgresql meta-commands (3)

postgresql meta-command Formatting connection Operating System Variables Formatting \a toggle between unaligned and aligned output mode toggle between formatting and unformatting postgres=# \a Output format is unaligned. postgres=# select oid, datname from pg_database; oid|datname 5|postgres 1|template1 4|template0 (3 rows) postgres=# \a Output format is aligned. postgres=# select oid, datname from pg_database; oid | datname —– […]

Postgresql meta-commands (1)

postgresql meta-command meta command help General help Query Buffer Input/Output Conditional Meta command help postgres=# \? General \copyright show PostgreSQL usage and distribution terms postgres=# \copyright PostgreSQL Database Management System (formerly known as Postgres, then as Postgres95) Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2022, PostgreSQL Global Development Group Portions Copyright (c) 1994, The Regents of the University of […]

The awk command of the text Three Musketeers

Awk Overview How awk works: Read text line by line, separated by space or tab key as the separator by default, save the separated fields into built-in variables, and execute the editing command according to the mode or condition. awk tends to split a line into multiple “fields” before processing. The reading of awk information […]

Improve website performance: Nginx five efficient load balancing strategies

Foreword This article is included in the csdn column “Linux Basic Skills-System Service Combat”, which I am Mu Fengxiaoyue. The series about nginx will be summarized later, follow me, and learn and grow together. In the process of writing this column, we have joined forces with several bigwigs from csdn, and are currently sorting out […]

Java implements the Session class similar to the python requests package, and automatically manages cookies.

1. In py, the and get() functions automatically generate an instance of the Session class inside that function, so if the requests, post and get functions want to do things that can only be done after logging in, they need to be added cookie or write the cookie in the headers. If you want […]