[High-intensity focused ultrasound simulator] Simulate high-intensity focused ultrasound beams and heating effects in layered media (Matlab code)…

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For cooperation on MATLAB projects, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization content, click Intelligent optimization algorithm […]

[Java Project Recommendation: Dark Horse Headlines] Asynchronous uploading and delisting of self-media articles (implemented using Kafka middleware)

The function of uploading and delisting self-media articles is completed Requirements analysis Process description Interface definition Description Interface path /api/v1/news/down_or_up Request method POST Parameters DTO Response Result ResponseResult DTO @Data public class WmNewsDto {<!– –> private Integer id; /** * Whether to put on the shelves 0 off the shelves 1 on the shelves */ […]

go streaming media proxy service multi-thread acceleration downloading while watching

package main import ( “context” “fmt” “io” “log” “net/http” “strconv” “strings” “sync” “time” ) var mu sync.Mutex // Create a mutex lock var ( httpClient *http.Client httpClientOnce sync.Once ) func getHTTPClient() *http.Client { httpClientOnce.Do(func() { httpClient = &http.Client{ Transport: &http.Transport{ MaxIdleConns: 100, //Maximum number of idle connections MaxIdleConnsPerHost: 100, //The maximum number of idle connections […]

Danger! Please stop using JWT immediately! !

JSON Web Tokens, also known as JWT. This article will explain in detail why JWT is not suitable for storing Session and the security risks caused by JWT. I hope you will have a deeper understanding of JWT! Unfortunately, I find that more and more people are recommending using JWT to manage user sessions on […]

Alarm configuration (define media, configure actions)

Alarm configuration (defining media) and configuration actions (notification, processing) Send email from host Mailbox service installation dependency package //Find the installation package [root@c8-1 ~]# yum provides */bin/mailx … Last metadata expiration check: 0:12:34 ago on Wed 27 Sep 2023 05:01:46 AM CST. mailx-12.5-29.el8.x86_64 : Enhanced implementation of the mailx command Repo: base Matched from: Filename: […]

Zabbix service configuration email alarm (define media, configure actions)

zabbix service configuration email alarm (define media, configure actions) Article directory Zabbix service configuration email alarm (define media, configure actions) Monitoring process 1. First, we need to install the mail tool on both the server (zabbix_server) and the client (zabbix_agnetd). We need to install two mail packages, as follows: 2. Combine it with the script […]

[Mediapipe Embedded Practice 02] Use libmediapipe to compile static libraries and interpret example codes

Article directory example.cpp main Directory path setting + camera initialization Computational graph configuration Results visualization Release resources Summarize First, give the code repository of libmediapipe: libmediapipe Although it only has more than a dozen stars, mediapipe can be compiled into a static library available for each platform with one click. Currently, I have compiled the […]

The latest and most complete guide to package.json that intermediate and advanced front-end must master

package.json is an important file used to describe and configure the project. It contains many fields and options that can affect the project’s construction, dependency management, script execution, etc. Understanding these fields can help developers better understand and control the behavior of their projects. package.json For most front-end developers, it is enough to know dependencies […]

How to create bootable macOS Sonoma installation media

How to create bootable macOS Sonoma installation media How to Create a Bootable macOS Installer | How to Make a macOS USB Startup Disk On September 26, 2023 (early morning on the 27th, Beijing time), the official version of macOS Sonoma has been released. Please visit the original link: https://sysin.org/blog/macos-createinstallmedia/ to view the latest version. […]