Linux Kernel-CPU Cache and Memory Barrier

1. CPU cache The origin of cpu cache In all instruction fetch cycles of the CPU (program calculation), the memory needs to be accessed at least once (that is, what we call data on physical memory) It usually requires multiple accesses to the memory to fetch operands or save results. The speed of CPU processing […]

[Memo] Install SSL certificate on Nginx server

You can install an SSL certificate on the Nginx or Tengine server to securely access the web server through HTTPS. This article describes how to install an SSL certificate for Nginx or Tengine server. Important This article takes CentOS 8.0 64-bit operating system and Nginx 1.14.2 as examples. Deployment operations may be different for different […]

How C/C++ runs and its distribution in memory

C/C++ Restart? 1.0 Question: How does the written C++ code run? In the following order from left to right Writing source code Preprocessing Compilation Assembly Linking Loading Execute() Writing source code: writing in high-level programming languages, such as following C/C++ syntax rules to write good code correctly Preprocessing: Before compilation, the preprocessor processes header files […]

Falling in love with C language: storage of integers and floating point types in memory (base conversion, original code, complement, complement and big and small endian)

Author: Ah Hui is extraordinary What do you think: Life is dull, but running is windy Column: Falling in love with C language Drawing tool: and open source drawing website) If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, follow, and collect to support the blogger. If there are any deficiencies, please […]

[C Language] Memory issues related to structures (2/2)

This learning goal 1.Structure memory alignment (hot interview questions) 2.Structure implementation bit segment Article directory This learning goal 1.Structure memory alignment (hot interview questions) 2.Structure implementation bit segment 1. Structure memory alignment 1.What rules exist for memory alignment? 2.Why does memory alignment exist? 1.1 Memory alignment rules 1.2 What is the significance of memory alignment […]

GJO-LSTM-Adaboost optimizes Adaboost classification prediction of long short-term memory neural network LSTM based on the golden jackal algorithm

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For code acquisition, paper reproduction and scientific research simulation cooperation, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization […]

LC-1334. The city with the fewest neighbors within the threshold distance (Floyd algorithm, memorized search ==> dynamic programming (0x3f))

1334. The city with the fewest neighbors within the threshold distance medium There are n cities, numbered from 0 to n-1. Give you an edge array edges, where edges[i] = [fromi, toi, weighti] represents fromi and toi code> A bidirectional weighted edge between two cities, the distance threshold is an integer distanceThreshold. Returns the city […]

IsolarAB exports arxml to Matlab/Simulink to generate the model and configure the memory partition

This article uses a simple example to illustrate how to import the SWC arxml designed by Isolar into simulink to generate a model, and specify that the code generated by simulink has memory partition information. The SWC created in this article is called ECAS_Sensor_SWC. Its main function is to process sensor signals and pass them […]

Android Practice Manual-Will ViewBinding cause memory leaks?

Click to jump=>100 examples of Unity3D special effects Click to jump=>Case project actual source code Click to jump=>Game Script-Assisted Automation Click to jump=>Android Control Complete Manual Click to jump=>Scratch programming case Click to jump=>Full series of soft exams About the author Focus onAndroid/Unity and various game development skills, andVarious resource sharing (websites, tools, materials, source […]

What is the Linux kernel and what is the memory management subsystem? Chapter 7 – Small memory allocation (5)

Continuing from the previous article: What does the Linux kernel have and what does the memory management subsystem have? Chapter 6 – Small memory allocation (4) References to this article: linux process virtual address space “Interesting Talk about the Core Principles of Linux Operating System: Part 4 Memory Management–Liu Chao” 4.6 In-depth understanding of Linux […]