C++ MATLAB mixed programming – VS project calls MATLAB function DLL

Tag: C++ MATLAB Hybrid Programming VS Calling MATLAB Function Introduction MATLAB is undoubtedly a powerful matrix operation and data analysis software, which integrates many functions inside. It will bring great convenience to our data analysis research if we can call related functions when programming in C++. Here is a summary of how to call MATLAB […]

[Network programming] Protocol customization + Json serialization and deserialization

Directory 1. The concept of serialization and deserialization 2. Design a network calculator with a custom protocol 2.1 TCP protocol, how to ensure that the receiver has received the complete message? 2.2 Implementation of custom protocol 2.3 Implementation of custom protocol in client and server 3. Use Json for serialization and deserialization 3.1 Installation of […]

Log slimming show operation: from 5G optimization to 1G!

Click above to follow “Terminal R&D Department“ Set it as a “star” to master more database knowledge with you Article source: https://c1n.cn/mtr19 Directory background Diary Slimming Methodology Optimization case Summarize Background In daily development, usually for the convenience of debugging and troubleshooting, a lot of INFO level logs are printed. As the number of visits […]

Java high concurrency programming – the principle of visibility and order

Atomicity, visibility, and order are the three major problems faced by concurrent programming. Java has solved the atomicity problem in concurrent programming through the CAS operation. This chapter introduces how Java solves the remaining two problems-visibility and order. CPU physical cache structure Since the computing speed of the CPU is much faster than the access […]

Minimum spanning tree Prim algorithm implementation (c language code)

【Problem Description】 The road traffic between cities can be represented by an undirected graph. As shown below: The vertices represent the cities, the edges represent the roads connecting the cities, and the weights on the edges represent the length of the roads between the cities. Programming solves the following problems: (1) Input city information and […]

Jia Suan 01 Determinator Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Jia Dinner 01 classification model (based on convolutional neural network) Abstract: This paper creatively applies convolutional neural network to the 01 problem of Jia Wanwan, hoping that the model trained by machine learning can provide us with an answer. In the experiment, a simple convolutional neural network was built, and the cross-entropy loss function was […]

2023 CCPC Henan Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest

A. Because there are at most 26 cases (a has a maximum of 26 cases) and then violently judge whether b is a palindrome string #include <iostream> #include <cstring> #include <algorithm> #include <vector> #include <queue> #include <map> #include <set> using namespace std; const int N = 2e5 + 10; int n,m; void solve(){ string s; […]

Dev-C++5.11 Game Creation Simple Mini World

Wuhu! I’m back! Homework is all done! The code I brought today is what I want + write = 1 week, please collect it, praise it, let’s work hard together! OK! Old rules, introduce the code #include <bits/stdc++.h> #include <windows.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <conio.h> #define LIFE 15 #define HUNGRY 100 #define SPEED 1000 using namespace […]