The impact of manual vacuuming of partition tables with global partition indexes in KingbaseESV8R6

Background There is such a case at the customer site. There is a large table with 500 partitions, and each partition has 200,000 records. There are updates very frequently and autovacuum is often triggered. Since the table is very large, autovacuum takes a long time. According to feedback from on-site colleagues, when manually vacuum partitioning, […]

FPGA design timing constraints 3. Set clock groups set_clock_groups

Table of Contents 1. Background 2. Relationship between clocks 2.1 Clock relationship classification 2.2 View clock relationship 3. Asynchronous clock group 3.1 Priority 3.2 Use format 3.3 asynchronous and exclusive 3.4 Example of results 4. Reference materials 1. Background The timing analysis tool in Vivado will analyze all clock-related timing paths in the design by […]

lv7 Embedded Development-Network Programming Development 11 TCP Management and UDP Protocol

Table of Contents 1 TCP management 1.1 Three-way handshake 1.2 Wave four times 1.3 Keep-alive timer 2 wireshark installation and experiment 3.1 icmp protocol packet capture demonstration 3.2 TCP protocol packet capture demonstration 3 UDP protocol 3.1 Main features of UDP: 4 exercises 1 TCP Management 1.1 Three-way handshake The process of establishing a TCP […]

Design of a calculator mini-program based on WeChat Developer Tools

The Link Your Class https://bbs The Link of Requirement of This Assignment The Aim of This Assignment complete the calculator with a visual interface MU STU ID and FZU STU ID 21125341_832101123 Table of Contents Ⅰ. Blog Introduction Ⅱ. PSP Form: Outlining the Work Ⅲ. Problem-Solving Approach: Critical Thinking and Information Retrieval Ⅳ. […]

Go language advanced network programming

In-depth discussion of network programming in Go language Introduction Network programming in Go (Golang) is easy, powerful, and fun. This guide delves into the intricacies of network programming, covering protocols, TCP/UDP sockets, concurrency, and more, with detailed notes. Key concepts 1. Network protocol TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): Ensures reliable data transmission. UDP (User Datagram Protocol): […]

[Functional Programming] Lambda, Stream, Optional, method reference, parallel stream

New features of JDK1.8 The main new features in JDK1.8 include: lambda expression Stream Optional functional interface method reference Due to the adaptive parallel flow technology, these advanced features can achieve higher operating efficiency in massive data scenarios without JUC concurrent programming optimization. The number of lines of code is greatly simplified, making it more […]

Mobile robot path planning based on Dijkstra, A* and dynamic programming (Matlab code implementation)

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For cooperation on MATLAB projects, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization content, click Intelligent optimization algorithm […]