Regarding the modification of el-table, freezing rows and columns, merging the first column, and cell color scale Vue2

Requirements and final implementation Requirements: Tables can be zoomed in full screen The header is frozen, the two columns on the left are frozen, and the one column on the right is frozen Merge cells in the first column Second column cell click and highlight last column frozen Cell Color Scale Settings Scroll bar customization […]

Frida modifies Android device information, imsi, imei, mac, utdid and other device information generation algorithms

Don’t say anything, just upload the code, many articles are deleted for no reason, I have to say that the power of capital is really powerful, the following code is only for communication and learning, it is all generated by chatgpt, if there is any infringement, please contact gpt! function main() {<!– –> Java. perform(function() […]

HGDB modify user password and validity period

1. Security version 1.1 Modify user password 1) When the three powers are turned on a. Modify non-admin user password Security and confidentiality administrator syssso User to modify the password of ordinary users (non-administrator users). Users connect to change their own passwords. –syssso user to modify the password of ordinary users. (cannot be modified to […]

CSS modification style problem (Vue)

Question: During our page development, we need to modify the style. Some styles are global public styles, and some are local styles. Sometimes public styles are required for local style adjustments, so how to flexibly adjust styles? 1. Use scoped attribute in Vue 1. Principles of scoped attributes 1. Add the scoped attribute to the […]

A lot of anti_content parameter reverse (webpack) can be tested through app and commodity wholesale website

It’s rare to have time to write an article. Recently, I’m learning data visualization. I may update the content of data visualization powerbi and tableau in the future. Today’s issue is about the reverse of Pinduoduo’s anti_content parameter. The actual test can be done on the Pinduoduo web app The website and the website of […]

Vue2.0 modifiers, binding styles, computed properties and listener properties

1. Modifier 1. Event modifier: The event modifier handles the event capture and target (syntax: @event name. modifier) (1) stop: prevents the event from bubbling, which is equivalent to calling the event.stopPropagation method (2) prevent: Prevent the default behavior of the event, which is equivalent to calling the event.preventDefault method (3) self: trigger only when […]

C#Access database tool and password cracking modification

C#Access database tool and password cracking modification 1. Trouble encountered by mdb files Easy to develop, hard to read data 2. Benchmark Microsoft Access functions 2.1 Addition, deletion, modification and query of Access database files 2.2 The interface is easy to operate, just like adding, deleting, modifying and checking in Excell 2.3 A single exe […]