What modules in Python do you think are awesome?

The following 10 awesome modules of Python are recommended. For example, the numpy and pandas packages are used for data cleaning. The matplotlib library is used for data visualization. The matplotlib library is easy to get started. For more advanced learning, the seaborn library is an improved chart drawing of the matplotlib library. Method, if […]

python exceptions, modules and packages

1. Abnormal Exception: When an error is detected, the Python interpreter cannot continue to execute. Instead, some error prompts appear. This is the so-called “exception”, which is what we often call BUG. 1.1 Catching Exceptions Basic syntax: try: error code may occur except: Code to be executed if an exception occurs Code example: # Try […]

[Python] collections module

The collections module in Python contains some container data types. import collections [x for x in dir(collections) if not x.startswith(‘_’)] # result: [‘ChainMap’, ‘Counter’, ‘OrderedDict’, ‘UserDict’, ‘UserList’, ‘UserString’, ‘abc’, ‘defaultdict’, ‘deque’, ‘namedtuple’] 1. collections.ChainMap() [Search multiple dictionaries] Search multiple dictionaries in the order in which they appear. m=collections.ChainMap(Dictionary 1, Dictionary 2, Dictionary 3,…): manages multiple […]

Solution to “Python3.12pip network installation library file error, ssl module is unavailable”

Solution to “Python3.12pip network installation library file error, ssl module is unavailable” 1. Install the new version of openssl3.1.4 2. Install Python3.12.0 The Python version needs to match the openssl version. In versions after Python 3.7, the dependent openssl must be a version after 1.1.1 or 1.0.2, and the openssl1.0.2k installed in CentOS7 cannot meet […]

Comment module of springboot personal blog system

Personal blog system development is briefly divided into five modules Homepage Login function Comment management Article management Email management A complete blog system, the front-end page can display and publish comments, comment users can reply to each other, and the back-end can manage the comment content. Due to limited space, the article comments of this […]

Stm32_Standard library_18_Serial port & Bluetooth module_Communication between mobile phone and Bluetooth module_Control LED light on and off

Control the LED lights on and off by inputting LED_ON and LED_OFF respectively wiring: The positive electrode of the LED is connected to positive electricity, and the negative electrode is connected to GPIOA_Pin1 Bluetooth module TXD is connected to GPIOA_Pin3, VCC is connected to positive power, and GND is connected to negative power. Note: USART2 […]

[Maven]–Module splitting, aggregation, inheritance, attributes, private server

1. Module development and design Split each layer into a module and then modify the corresponding configuration file Compile each module [compile] and install [install] to the local warehouse Where needed, import it as a dependency in the pom.xml file SSM_pojo split Create a new module [no need to add a template] Copy the corresponding […]

How does SmargGBD (GB28181 device access module) connect to wvp-gb28181-pro

Technical background When we connect to SmartGBD (GB28181 device access module), in addition to the conventional national standard platforms such as Hikvision Dahua Univision, some companies will choose wvp-gb28181-pro. As we all know, WEB VIDEO PLATFORM is an out-of-the-box network video platform based on the GB28181-2016 standard. It is responsible for implementing the core signaling […]

STM32 I2C communication protocol and temperature and humidity sensor module

Learn the I2C bus communication protocol, use STM32F103 to complete the data collection of the AHT20 temperature and humidity sensor based on the I2C protocol, and output the collected temperature-humidity values through the serial port Article directory 1. Preliminary knowledge (1) I2C communication protocol (2) I2C physical layer (3) I2C timing (4) Hardware I2C and […]

408 [Data structure] Single linked list_template class_source code module

Implementation source code Source code module my_check.hpp #ifndef MY_CHECK_HPP #define MY_CHECK_HPP #include<stdexcept> #include<iostream> #include”my_config.h” #if _GLIBCXX_VER #define CHECK(x, y) check_pointer_range::check(x, y) #else #define CHECK(x, y) #endif #if _GLIBCXX_VER #define CHECK_N_PTR(x) check_nullptr::check(x) #else #define CHECK_N_PTR(x) #endif #if _WIN32 #define DEBUG() std::cerr << __LINE__ << “\ ” #else #define DEBUG() #endif // _WIN32 struct check_pointer_range { template<typename […]