Passing thread id between MDC and asynchronous multithreading of logs

Article directory 1 MDC 1.1 Introduction 1.2 MDC coordinates and use 1.3 Main method 2 Use between multiple threads 2.1 MDC Tools 2.2 Interceptor definition and configuration 2.3 Use in Java thread pool 2.3.1 Configure thread pool 2.3.2 Using ExecutorCompletionService 2.3.3 Using CompletableFuture 2.4 Use in Spring thread pool 2.4.1 Inherit ThreadPoolTaskExecutor 2.4.2 Configure thread […]

Java–multithreading–static proxy mode, lambda expression, thread stop, thread sleep, thread courtesy, thread enforcement

Java-Multi-threading-static proxy mode, lambda expression, thread stop, thread sleep, thread courtesy, thread enforcement Static proxy mode package com.zy.thread; /** *description: Java–multithreading–static proxy mode *@program: basic syntax *@author: zy *@create: 2023-03-21 21:14 */ public class StaticProxy {<!– –> /* Static proxy mode: Both the real object and the proxy object must implement the same interface; Proxy […]

Lock|Multithreading|Solve data inconsistency caused by parallel computing|Thread mutual exclusion|Critical resource protectionSuper detailed explanation and code comments

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Java Multithreading 01-05

01-thread, process, multithread Common methods and multithreading Note the run() and start() methods Process and Thread Speaking of the process, we have to talk about the procedure. A program is an ordered collection of instructions and data, which itself has no meaning of operation and is a static concept. A process is an execution process […]

java multithreading, thread pool

java multithreading, thread pool java Java thread pool usage and common parameters Multithreading problem: 1. Why use multithreading in java Using multi-threading, some large tasks can be decomposed into multiple small tasks for execution, and the multiple small tasks are not imaged by each other, and they are carried out at the same time. In […]

[Multithreading] Timer and thread pool

?Personal homepage: bit me ?Current Column: Java EE Primer ? Word of the Day: The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now. Directory 1. Timer 1. What is a timer 2. Timers in the standard library 3. Realize the timer 2. Thread pool 1. The thread pool in the […]

Simple understanding of Java multithreading

The notes made when I first learned multi-threading may be a bit one-sided, but it is easy to read and understand, and it is easy for beginners to accept. Multithreading program A collection of instructions written in a language to accomplish a specific task. That is, a static code, a static object. process An execution […]

SpringBoot implements multithreading

1 thread synchronous and asynchronous Thread synchronization: Thread A wants to request a certain resource, but this resource is being used by thread B. Because of the existence of the synchronization mechanism, A can only wait. It takes a long time and has high security. Thread asynchronous: A thread wants to request a certain resource, […]

Thread pool for Java multithreading

What is a thread pool A thread pool is a resource pool that manages a series of threads. When there is a task to be processed, the thread is obtained directly from the thread pool to process, and after processing, the thread It will not be destroyed immediately, but wait for the next task. Daemon […]

[Multithreading] Multithreading case

?Personal homepage: bit me ?Current Column: Java EE Primer ?Daily word: we can not judge the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Directory 1. Singleton mode 1. Implementation of Hungry Man Mode 2. Implementation of Lazy Mode 2. Blocking queue 1. Singleton mode The singleton pattern is one of the most frequently […]