In-depth explanation of custom types (structures, enumerations, unions)

Foreword I believe we are all familiar with structures, but structures belong to a custom type, so what is special about these custom types? This issue will be described below. 1. Structure 1. Declaration of structure 1.1 Basic knowledge of structures A structure is a collection of values called member variables. Each member of the […]

maven setting.xml configuration and explanation

maven download jar rules When maven downloads the jar package, it will first search for the jar from the configured local repository localRepository. If it cannot find the jar, it will download the jar from the configured remote repository. The configured remote warehouse has a corresponding ID. You can fill in the ID of the […]

Python implements AES algorithm and national secret SM4 algorithm

This article mainly introduces the Python implementation and shell script implementation of the AES encryption algorithm, and the Python implementation of the SM4 national secret algorithm. Python uses pycryptodome to implement AES encryption and decryption, and GmSSL to implement the SM4 encryption and decryption algorithm; the Shell script uses openssl to implement AES encryption and […]

Use ebpf to monitor NAT conversion in the linux kernel

1. Introduction Linux NAT (Network Address Translation) translation is a network technology used to convert IP addresses within one or more private networks into a public IP address for communication with the Internet. In k8s business scenarios, the relationship between business components is very complex. Since the Kubernetes network model assumes that Pods use the […]

10. Calibration method of laser radar to external parameters of vehicle body coordinate system (lidar2car)

Directory 0. Papers and code 1. Calibration principle 2. Fitting plane 3. Calibrate roll/pitch/height 4. Calibrate yaw 4.1 Understand the vehicle heading obtained from the trajectory fitted by B_spline 5. Accuracy 0. Papers and code Reference paper: SensorX2car: Sensors-to-car calibration for autonomous driving in road scenarios Reference code: lidar2car 1. Calibration principle ① When the […]

International programming in java

1. Character encoding 1.1 Overview Character Encoding –Characters: 0, a, i, ①,,… –The computer only uses 0 and 1, 1bit (0 or 1) –ASCIL code (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) ·American Standard Code for Information Interchange, laying the foundation for computer coding ·Use one byte (1Byte=8bits) to store a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and some common […]

Design and implementation of game retrieval system based on Java (source code + lw + deployment documents + explanation, etc.)

Article directory Preface User functions Functions for registered users Backend function administrator function Specific implementation screenshots Paper reference Detailed video demonstration why choose me own website My own small program (Xiao Cai coding) Guaranteed after-sales service Welfare Code reference Source code acquisition Foreword Blogger Introduction: ?100,000+ fans across the entire network, CSDN guest author, blog […]

Java-based cake dessert system design and implementation (source code + lw + deployment documentation + explanation, etc.)

Article directory Preface Specific implementation screenshots Detailed video demonstration Code reference Source code acquisition Foreword Blogger Introduction: ?100,000+ fans across the entire network, CSDN guest author, blog expert, CSDN Rising Star Program mentor, high-quality creator in the full stack field, Blog Star, Nuggets/Huawei Cloud/ High-quality author on Alibaba Cloud/InfoQ and other platforms, focusing on Java, […]

Pagination processing – Ruoyi cloud – 129

129 Detailed explanation of paging function implementation | RuoYi The front end uses the lightweight table plug-in bootstrap-table (opens new window) based on bootstrap The backend uses the lightweight paging plug-in pageHelper (opens new window) based on mybatis hint: Front-end and back-end paging implementation process One front end 1 element-ui provides el-pagination, which can be […]