c# communicates with Siemens plc

Preface: The tools used in the example are Portu v15 + advanced v5.0 + s7netplus. I write this because there are too few introductions to PLC on the Internet, and the information is scattered. As a beginner, I took too many detours here. So record it. And some common bugs and things that need attention […]

Panorama of NLP machine translation: full analysis from basic principles to technical practice

Directory 1. Introduction to machine translation 1. What is machine translation (MT)? 2. Source language and target language 3. Translation model 4. The importance of context 2. Rule-based machine translation (RBMT) 1. Formulation of rules 2. Dictionary and vocabulary selection 3. Limitations and Challenges 4. PyTorch implementation 3. Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) 1. Data-driven 2. […]

System programming two: vfork+exec+process communication method pipe+signal

1. Analyze resource issues of parent-child processes from a memory perspective 1. Example 1 #include<stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { //The code of the original process int a = 100; printf(“main\\ “); \t //Create a child process pid_t id = fork(); if(id == -1)//Error { printf(“fork error\\ “); return -1; } else if(id […]

Network design for network engineering data communication training (HCIA comprehensive experiment: communication between company intranet, external network, and personal network)

Experimental environment requirements: Huawei ensp, virtualbox are as follows: Experimental topology: Terminal naming method: Routers are devices that start with R, and switches are devices that start with S. For example: The corresponding name of AR1 is: R1 The corresponding name of LSW2 is: S2 I. Exchange part 1.S1, R1 interconnection link set up LACP […]

Web-based post forum communication system

Recommended subscription for wonderful columns: in the column below? Author’s homepage: Computer graduate student Brother Article directory 1. Project introduction 2. Introduction to project functions 3. Development environment 4. Project display 5. Code display 6. Project Summary You can help like, collect, follow and comment 1. Project introduction With the rapid development of the Internet, […]

ELK handles Spring Boot logs, nice!

Hello everyone, I am Bucai Chen~ In the process of troubleshooting online anomalies, query logs are always an indispensable part. In most microservice architectures used today, logs are scattered on different machines, making log query extremely difficult. If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. If there is […]

stm32 configures the serial port interrupt and sets the communication protocol to control the Hall DC motor

Configure cubemx generation project Add serial port interrupt code and communication protocol Attention issues first step Configure download interface Configure crystal oscillator interface Open usart1, configure it for asynchronous communication, set the basic parameters to default, and check the interrupt option below. Then configure the clock according to the development board you have, you can […]

Netty core principles: 2. Intermediate extension-07: Netty request and response synchronous communication

Article directory 1. Introduction 2. Code implementation 2.0 Introduce dependencies 2.1 Engineering structure 2.2 RPC codec 2.2.1 Serialization tool class 2.2.2 RPC decoder 2.2.3 RPC encoder 2.3 Writing interface and its implementation 2.3.1 Write interface MAP 2.3.2 Writing interface 2.3.3 Locked writing interface implementation class 2.3.4 Writing class 2.4 Request and response objects 2.4.1 Request […]