Java object instantiation process

If the content is infringing, please contact to delete, if there is something wrong, please criticize and correct. ? Introduction The instantiation process of the object is divided into two parts: the loading and initialization of the class, and the initialization of the object To create an object instance of a class, the class needs […]

Object Detection VOC2COCO! Convert data in xml format to MSCOCO format data set, and divide the data set according to custom ratio

1. Dataset file organization format in the form of PASCAL_VOC VOCdevkit/ |__ VOC2007/ |__ Annotations/ (XML annotation files for each picture are stored here, such as 000001.xml) |__ImageSets/ (here contains a list of image filenames for different tasks or categories) |__ Main/ (eg, train.txt, val.txt, trainval.txt, test.txt) |__Layout/ (set of images for layout tasks, e.g. […]

[C++ Elementary] Friends of Classes and Objects (Part 2) + Inner Classes + Anonymous Objects

Personal homepage: @Weraphael ? About the author: Currently learning C++ and algorithms Column: C++ Airway I hope you will support us a lot, and we will make progress together! If the article is helpful to you Welcome to comment Like Favorite Add concern? Table of Contents 1. Friends 1.1 Friend functions 1.11 Friend function features […]

Springboot integrates mybatis to serialize objects and store them in the database (blob field) demo

For serialization and deserialization, please refer to: Source code download address: controller layer code: import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RestController; import blob.blob.entity.AjaxResult; import blob.blob.service.IndexService; @RestController public class IndexController { @Autowired private IndexService indexService; @RequestMapping(“test”) public AjaxResult insert() { indexService. insert(); return AjaxResult. success(“ok”); } @RequestMapping(“get”) public AjaxResult get(Integer id) { return AjaxResult. success(indexService. […]

[Multithreading Elementary] Analyzing the lock object in synchronized

lock object Several common situations Summarize Lock object Let’s first look at how objects are defined in Java. In the Java virtual machine, the structure of objects in memory can be divided into four parts: markword Type pointer (_class) Instance data (instance_data) Align padding Among them, the first two are in the object header, the […]

Analysis of Windows 10 X64 kernel object handle table

Many API functions of fweWindows will create and use handles (incoming parameters). The handle represents the memory address of a kernel object. Each process has a handle table, which stores the handles owned by the process. The kernel also has a handle table PspCidTable, which stores A handle to the entire system. ExpLookupHandleTableEntry windows kernel […]

Spring (five categories of annotations, three injection methods of objects and their advantages and disadvantages)

Directory 1. Store Bean objects 1.1 Pre-work: configure the scan path 1.2 Add annotations to store Bean objects 1.2.1 @Controller [Controller storage] 1.2.2 @Service (service storage) 1.2.3 @Repository (warehouse storage) 1.2.4 @Component (component storage) 1.2.5 @Configuration (configuration storage) 1.3 The scope and connection of the five annotations 1.3.1 Why do we need five class annotations? […]

Operate Redis in SpringBoot to parse JsonArray data into object List (ruoyi dictionary value sys_dict as an example)

Scene If you follow the front-end and back-end separation version to teach you how to build the environment locally and run the project: Ruoyi separates the front and back ends to teach you how to build the environment locally and run the project_How to run the project with the front and back ends separated_Overbearing rogue […]

[C++] Dark Horse C++ Generic Programming and STL Technology (10) STL Function Object

STL function object 4.1 Function objects 4.2 Predicates 4.2.1 Unary predicates 4.2.2 Binary predicates 4.3 Built-in function objects 4.3.1 Arithmetic functors 4.3.2 Relational functors 4.3.3 Logical functors 4.1 Function objects Objects of classes that overload the function call operator are called function objects. When a function object uses the overloaded (), it acts like a […]

What extensions have been added to ES6 objects?

1. Abbreviation of attribute In ES6, when the object key name is equal to the corresponding value name, it can be abbreviated const baz = {foo:foo} // Equivalent to const baz = {foo} Methods can also be abbreviated const o = { method() { return “Hello!”; } }; // Equivalent to const o = { […]