UI automation test framework design and PageObject transformation!

During the UI automation testing process, faced with complex business scenarios, we often encounter the following challenges: Simple recording/playback is fast, but cannot adapt to complex scenes; Writing automated test scripts is more flexible, but the workload is heavy and maintainability is poor; The previous encapsulation technology (PageObject) can adapt to various UI scenarios, but […]

Use the Stream stream to convert the obtained object List<Object>form data into Map<Grouping conditions, quantity statistics>form

For example, the current business needs to group the obtained data, and then use another method to process the data. The methods used are Collectors.groupingBy, Collectors.counting(), Collectors.reducing(). Then, take the following example as an example to collect the obtained lists and group the obtained data by gender, with gender as K and the number of […]

Exploring Vue data binding: why data must be a function instead of an object?

Jiangcheng Cheerful Pea: Personal homepage Personal column :《VUE》《javaScript》 Personal website : “Jiangcheng Cheerful Pea” The ideal of life is for an ideal life! Table of Contents ? Column introduction Article introduction 1. The difference between instance and component definition data 2. The difference between component data definition functions and objects 3. Principle analysis 4. Conclusion […]

03 | Serialization: How are objects transmitted over the network?

The previous lecture explained how to design an extensible and backward-compatible protocol in the RPC framework. The key point is to make good use of the extension fields in the Header and the extension fields in the Payload to achieve backward compatibility through the extension fields. So following the key point of the previous lecture, […]

[Elementary C++] Classes and Objects (3)

Directory 1. Let’s talk about the constructor again 1.1 Initialization list 1.1.1 How to write the initialization list 1.1.2 Which members should use the initialization list? 1.2 Characteristics of initialization list 1.2.1 Solving queue problems 1.2.2 The declaration order is the order of the initialization list 1.3 explicit keyword 1.3.1 The role of explicit keyword […]

About defining the interface Comparable (comparator) to compare the sizes of two objects

1. Topic: Comparing the sizes of objects of different reference types: Requirement description: Although the student category and the news category are completely different categories, they both have the ability to compare. For example, you can compare the size of two students, but you need to specify whether the comparison is based on student number, […]

Copying, assigning, cleaning and moving C++ objects

Copying, assigning, cleaning and moving objects MyString class Assignment and copying of objects /*Rectangular class*/ class Rectangle {<!– –> public: int length = 1; //length int width = 2; //width public: Rectangle() = default; Rectangle(int L, int W) :length{<!– –> L }, width{<!– –> W } {<!– –>}; void Print(void) const {<!– –> cout << […]

JavaScript1.3 Functions and Objects

Article directory function Function parameters and return values object `this` keyword Constructor Summarize Replenish In this section, we will discuss functions and objects in JavaScript in depth. A function is a block of code that performs a specific task, while an object is a collection of data that contains properties and methods. In JavaScript, functions […]

Mybatis creation return object exception caused by Lombok’s @Builder annotation

Mybatis creation return object exception caused by Lombok’s @Builder annotation **Conclusion:** After using the Bbuilder annotation, a fully parameterized constructor will be produced based on the current class (excluding the attributes of the parent class). Mybaitis will cause many strange exceptions when it attributes the returned data, so it is best not to use it. […]