Thoughts on java thread pool ThreadPoolExecutor monitoring and dynamic parameter adjustment

Table of Contents For thread pool parameters For task submission strategy Respond quickly to user requests The default strategy of java ThreadPoolExecutor is as follows The tomcat ThreadPoolExecutor strategy is as follows Process batch tasks quickly Thread pool monitoring Dynamic adjustment of thread pool parameters Java thread pool implementation principle and its practice in […]

Python exception handling: rescuing code black holes

1. Introduction Exception handling is a crucial skill in Python development. When an error or abnormal situation is encountered while the program is running, reasonable exception handling can protect the program from crashing and provide error information so that we can debug and repair it in time. This article will delve into the importance of […]

The role of volatile/register/const/static/extern/auto keywords in C language

Table of Contents 1. volatile 2. Detailed explanation of register 3. Detailed explanation of const 4. Detailed explanation of static 5. Detailed explanation of extern grammar effect 6. Detailed explanation of auto Suddenly I want to summarize the functions of these keywords. Using them flexibly will improve the reliability and speed of the program. 一、volatile […]

[MIT6.824] Lab 3: Fault-tolerant Key/Value Service

[MIT6.824] Lab 3: Fault-tolerant Key/Value Service Goals Build a disaster-tolerant KV database through the Raft library implemented in Lab2. The services that need to be implemented have three operations: Put(key, value) Both key and value are strings, and put sets the value of the specified key. Append(key, arg) Append arg to the value corresponding to […]

Full analysis of built-in types in Go language: full-dimensional exploration from Boolean to string

Directory 1. Boolean type definition Basic usage Declaration and initialization logic operation Advanced usage Conditional statements Loop structure function return value Common mistakes and pitfalls 2. Integer type definition Basic usage Declaration and initialization operator Bit operations Advanced usage Data overflow type conversion type inference Special integer types rune byte Frequently asked questions and pitfalls […]

Microservice Architecture Best Practices: Failure Recovery and Fault Tolerance Strategies

Article directory Failures in microservices architecture Best Practices: Failure Recovery and Tolerance Strategies 1. **Timeout Setting** 2. **Circuit breaker mode** 3. **Load balancing and multi-copy deployment** 4. **Retry mechanism** 5. **Logging and Monitoring** 6. **Service downgrade** Summarize Welcome to the Architecture Design Column~Microservice Architecture Best Practices: Fault Recovery and Fault Tolerance Strategies ☆* o(≧▽≦)o *☆Hi~I […]