Bean copy component (annotation driven) solution design and implementation

1. Background The process of data flow between each layer should be changed, the number of field attributes, attribute names (generally unchanged, but there are also cases of changes during reconstruction), type names (common changes such as BO, VO, DTO). For the converted business objects, the original method is to directly fill in the instances […]

[SpringMVC] JSON annotations & global exception handling mechanism

Welcome to my CSDN homepage! I am Java Fang Wenshan, a blogger who shares notes on CSDN. Here, I would like to recommend to everyone my column “Spring MVC”. Whether you are a programming novice or a programmer with a certain foundation, this column can meet your needs. I will use the simplest and easiest-to-understand […]

SpringIOC and annotations

Spring IOC Spring introduction what is framework The role of frames What is Spring spring architecture spring advantages IOC Inversion of Control concept Getting Started Case 4 Bean label description ## life cycle DI dependency injection 4 Annotation development If you want to learn spring well, you must always think about it. The essence of […]

Conversion between Euler angles and rotation matrices

Conversion between Euler angles and rotation matrices Rotate around coordinate axis Euler angles for rigid systems World system Euler angles Code Rotation matrix to Euler angle Euler angle to rotation matrix refer to Rotate around the coordinate axis The formula for rotating a rigid body through an angle θ around the X, Y, and Z […]

Use of JSON annotations and exception handling

1. JSON data return 1.1.Foreword JSON is a lightweight data exchange format that is easy to read and write, as well as easy for machines to parse and generate. Common scenarios for JSON include: In a project with separate front-end and back-end, when the back-end transmits data to the front-end. Ajax asynchronously accesses data. RPC […]

Three.js implements the model file loading progress bar and total is 0, lengthComputable is false, and handles the situation

The load method of three.js GLTFLoader, FBXLoader, GLTFLoader, and OBJLoader provides a method function to obtain the current file progress Based on the previous article Three.js loads external glb, fbx, gltf, obj model files, add a new onModelProgress (get the model loading progress bar method) onModelProgress(progressEvent ){<!– –> const {<!– –> loaded ,total ,lengthComputable } […]

Linux log management-logrotate (crontab scheduled task, Ceph log dump)

Article directory 1. Overview of logrotate 2. Basic usage of logrotate 3. logrotate operating mechanism logrotate parameters 4. How does logrotate achieve rolling logs without affecting the normal log output of the program? Linux file operation mechanism Option One Option II 5. Logrotate in action–Ceph log dump refer to 1. Overview of logrotate logrotate is […]

@Conditional series annotations in Spring framework

Directory 1 @Contidional Introduction 1.1 Condition interface 1.2 Spring @Conditional annotation example 1.3 Comparison between @Conditional and @Profile 2 Spring boot extension 2.1 @ConditionalOnClass and @ConditionalOnMissingClass annotations 2.2 @ConditionalOnBean and @ConditionalOnMissingBean annotations 2.3 @ConditionalOnProperty annotation 1 @Contidional Introduction Conditional is an annotation provided by SpringFramework, located in the org.springframework.context.annotation package and defined as follows. @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) […]