Vue3 encapsulates custom instructions and hooks, and publishes npm packages

Requirements: Encapsulate a function that requires monitoring the width and height changes of the DOM, and supports both custom instructions and hooks. Step 1: Create the project folder v-resize-xm 1. Create the src folder in the v-resize-xm folder Execute the pnpm init command to generate a package.json file 2. Install ts sudo npm install -g […]

C# Socket TCP 2 heartbeat protocol + anti-stain packet + proactively disconnect from the server

In the previous code, a C# .net TcpClient implemented the full-duplex communication protocol_tcpclient protocol_Green Lemon 676’s Blog-CSDN Blog We have implemented the heartbeat of TCP and introduced the full-duplex communication protocol. Today we will take you to understand what TCP packet immersion is and how TCP prevents packet immersion. So let’s make a long story […]

python exceptions, modules and packages

1. Abnormal Exception: When an error is detected, the Python interpreter cannot continue to execute. Instead, some error prompts appear. This is the so-called “exception”, which is what we often call BUG. 1.1 Catching Exceptions Basic syntax: try: error code may occur except: Code to be executed if an exception occurs Code example: # Try […]

Java SE packages, packages, static keywords and code blocks

1. Encapsulation 1.1 Concept of encapsulation There are three major characteristics of object-oriented programs: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. In the class and object stage, the main research is on encapsulation characteristics. What is encapsulation? simply put It’s the shell shielding details. Encapsulation: organically combine data and methods of operating data, hide the properties and implementation […]

Why use virtual environment in python? (Virtual environment function and virtual environment construction, switching, exit, migration and packaging) code demonstration. Official venv usage (**)

Detailed graphic and text explanation of python’s virtual environment (virtual environment functions and virtual environment construction, switching, exit, migration and packaging) code demonstration Why use a virtual environment? First, a virtual environment helps keep your projects clean and separate. You don’t have to worry about one project’s dependencies breaking another, which makes project […]

How webpack works

Directory Merge code Modular Webpack packaging The structure of webpack webpack source code addEntry and _addModuleChain buildModule Compilation hook Output build results Understand the implementation principles of webpack, master the basic workflow of webpack, and use webpack in daily life When encountering a problem, it can help us gain insight into the root of the […]

Golang standard library: bytes package – byte slice byte array convenient operation

2.2 bytes – byte slice convenient operation This package defines some convenience operations for manipulating byte slices. Because strings can be represented as []byte, the functions and methods defined by the bytes package are very similar to the strings package, so the explanation will be similar to the strings package and can even be referred […]

PureEdgeSim -locationmanager package -MobilityModel file

MobilityModel The main class of the mobility manager module, which generates mobility paths for different edge devices. Current device location protected Location currentLocation; Is the device moving? protected boolean isMobile = false; Minimum pause duration protected double minPauseDuration; Maximum pause duration protected double maxPauseDuration; Maximum movement duration protected double maxMobilityDuration; Minimum movement duration protected double […]