Unity game development–Behavior tree (Part 2)

1. Behavior tree node code example The node implementation code connecting Part1 is as follows (simple framework) State type enumeration using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public enum E_NodeState {<!– –> Success,//success Failed,//Failed Running//In progress } Node base class namespace BT {<!– –> /// <summary> /// Behavior node base class /// </summary> public abstract class […]

[RK3568][Android12.0]— The system comes with preset third-party APK method

Platform: RK3568 OS: Android 12.0 Kernel: 4.19 Rockchip provides a mechanism to preset third-party APKs by default. The method is very simple: 1. Create the preinstall directory in device/rockchip/rk3568 (if you want it to be uninstallable, create the preinstall_del directory) 2. Put the APK you want to pre-install into this directory preinstall cannot be uninstalled […]

[Data processing] python Matplotlib partially enlarges the figure; marks the local enlarged subfigure of interest

Foreword In data visualization, it is often necessary to partially enlarge the data in a certain interval to obtain a higher contrast visualization effect. The following uses the Matplotlib library of the Python language to implement a simple partial magnification effect. Dependent libraries matplotlib: plotting library numpy: an extended library that supports a large number […]

[C++] Non-type template parameters | array container | template specialization | why templates cannot be compiled separately

Table of Contents 1. Non-type template parameters 2. array container 3. Template specialization Why specialize templates? Function template specialization Add a question Class template specialization Full specialization and partial specialization Fully specialized partial specialization 4. Why templates cannot be compiled separately Why what to do 5. Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of templates 1. Non-type […]

Springboot java introduces Mqtt to receive and send messages under the framework of the front and back separation version

This is just one of them, and it is a superficial method of receiving and sending messages. The synchronization mechanism needs to be communicated and confirmed with colleagues engaged in the Internet of Things to see if it can be implemented. Or if there are many devices, the synchronization mechanism will not be used. First, […]

Java implements text duplication checking (similarity) without third-party tool version

Functional background: As business records gradually grow, duplicate project name data and duplicate content data gradually appear, which leads to a decline in the quality of project records. In order to avoid this situation from happening, we consider performing duplication checking on key data information. We originally planned to use a third-party standard duplication checking […]

09.Partitioning of Oracle tables

oracle basic system learning directory 01.CentOS7 silently install oracle11g 02.Oracle startup process 03. Start with simple sql 04.Oracle’s architecture 05.Oracle database objects 06.Oracle data backup and recovery 07.User and permission management 08.Oracle tables 09.Partitioning of Oracle tables 10.Oracle synonyms and sequences 11.Oracle’s view 12.Oracle index 13.Oracle connects to Java through JDBC 14.Transactions in Oracle 15.Oracle11g […]

Unity data reading | (4) Json file parsing (Newtonsoft.Json, Litjson, JsonUtility, SimpleJSON)

Directory 1 Introduction 2. Advantages and Disadvantages 3. Analysis 3.1 Newtonsoft.Json 3.1.1 Download address 3.1.2 Advantages and Disadvantages 3.1.3 Analysis 3.2 listjson 3.2.1 Download address 3.2.2 Advantages and Disadvantages 3.2.3 Analysis 3.3 JsonUtility 3.3.1 Advantages and Disadvantages 3.3.2 Analysis 3.4 SimpleJSON 3.4.1 Download address 3.4.2 Advantages and Disadvantages 3.4.3 Analysis 4. Summary 1. Preface A […]

Summary of all aspects of getting started with SpringCloud Alibaba components (Part 1): registration center-nacos, load balancing-ribbon, remote calling-feign

Article directory Nacos Ribbon Feign FeignExpansion Nacos Concept: Nacos is a new open source project launched by Alibaba. It is a dynamic service discovery, configuration management and service management platform that makes it easier to build cloud native applications. Nacos is committed to helping users discover, configure and manage microservices. It provides a simple and […]

Java parses OWL ontology for addition and deletion operations

First configure the path of the operation ontology (match your own path): //The name of the owl file changes as the owl file changes. String metaName = “newmeta_11.owl”; //The IRI of the owl file changes as the owl file changes. String ontologyIRI = “http://www.semanticweb.org/asus/ontologies/2022/6/untitled-ontology-23”; /** * Try to load the metadata file, try to find […]