Generate tree parent-child structure through hierarchy (Java)

Thought sorting process Taking the vehicle configuration information as an example, the imported template information is as follows. My requirement is fixed to 7 levels, and it doesn’t matter if it is not fixed Just import the last level, that is, /Guangqi Honda, /Guangqi Honda/2018, /Guangqi Honda/2018/car series 01, you only need to import the […]

Two ways to separate and load Shellcode to achieve anti-killing (VT anti-killing rate: 1/68)

Introduction This article introduces in detail how to separate loading of Shellcode through file loading and remote URL loading to avoid detection by security software. The article first describes the process of loading shellcode files generated by Metasploit Framework, and provides the relevant C++ code. In order to avoid being detected by antivirus software, dynamic […]

iptables of Linux firewall (Part 1)

1. Overview of iptables Firewall of Linux system: IP packet filtering system, which actually consists of two components netfilter and iptables. It mainly works at the network layer, targeting IP data packets. It is reflected in the processing of information such as IP addresses, ports, and protocols in the packets. 1, netfilter/iptables relationship netfilter: A […]

What is the difference between Collections.emptyMap() and new HashMap? Table comparison + source code

Small thoughts: Recently, my mood is more complicated, ε=(′ο`*))), probably the time has come, coupled with the uncertainty of the future, the state has not been good; Seeing that many bigwigs have found summer internships, I am still here. First, I feel that the atmosphere is not bad (except for the Internet environment, there is […]

Red-black tree package set and map (insert part)

Article directory foreword 1. General idea of design 2. Transform and package red-black tree 1. Insert a node 2. Implementation of iterators 3. Encapsulation of map and set 1. Code implementation 2. Simple test Foreword We have implemented the insertion part of the red-black tree before. This article mainly introduces the packaging of the previously […]

Example explanation of the line parameters (argc, argv) of the main function

Directory foreword 1. Problem description 2. The meaning of line parameters 3. Topic application 1. Code (focus on Chinese comments) 2. Execute the test Foreword When doing the problem set–plurality of CS50 Week3, I encountered two line parameters (int argc, string argv[]) in the main function, which caused the code to be unclear at once. […]

[Vue source code] Logical analysis of keep-alive components (Part 1)

Start the growth journey of Nuggets! This is the 15th day of my participation in the “Nuggets Daily New Project · February Update Challenge”, click to view the event details keep-alive Basic usage The use of keep only needs to add labels to the outermost layer of dynamic components <div id=”app”> <button @click=”changeTabs(‘child1’)”>child1</button> <button @click=”changeTabs(‘child2’)”>child2</button> […]

C++ configures the ini file to modify the parameters in the program without recompiling the program every time

Change program parameters without recompiling the program Use ini file In the ini file, it can be configured in the following format: [x_pose] value=0.5 [y_pose] value=0.5 [z_pose] value=1 Among them, `[x_pose]`, `[y_pose]`, `[z_pose]` are the name of the configuration item section, and `value` is the value of the configuration item. In the cpp file, you […]