OpenWRT builds a personal web site and combines intranet penetration to achieve remote access to the public network

Article directory Preface 1. Check uhttpd installation 2. Deploy the web site 3. Install cpolar intranet penetration 4. Configure remote access address 5. Configure fixed remote address Foreword uhttpd is a web server written from scratch by OpenWrt/LuCI developers. It aims to become an excellent, stable, lightweight task HTTP server suitable for embedded devices, and […]

Open source software FFmpeg generates models using image data sets

This article talks about the open source software ffmpeg, which has helped countless video software companies, countless online video websites, and countless CDN cloud service vendors. Share how to use it to convert various video or movie files into tens of thousands of image data sets and wallpaper collections, so that the model program in […]

Call opencv library programming to display pictures and student ID names under Ubuntu

Article directory 1. Principle of Chinese character dot matrix font library (1), Chinese character encoding 1. Location code 2. Internal code (2) Dot matrix font structure 1. Bitmap font storage 2. 16*16 dot matrix font library 3. 1414 and 1212 dot matrix fonts (3). Acquisition of Chinese character lattice 1. Use location code to obtain […]

Call opencv library programming under Ubuntu to display a picture and display characters

? 1. Internal code, location code encoding rules and glyph data storage format of Chinese characters The in-machine code, location code encoding rules and glyph data storage format of Chinese characters are concepts related to Chinese character information processing. Here is a brief description: 1. Internal code: Internal code is the binary encoding used internally […]

Ora2Pg tool migrates Oracle to openGauss

hello! Hello everyone, I am [IT Bond], known as jeames007 in the world. I have more than 10 years of experience in DBA and big data work. A highly motivated [blogger in the field of big data]! Member of China DBA Alliance (ACDU), currently serving the industrial Internet Specialized in mainstream Oracle, MySQL, PG, Gaussian […]

Spring Cloud Alibaba OpenFeign

OpenFeig is a declarative REST client. OpenFeig generates a dynamic implementation of the interface (pseudo client) by using JAX-RS or SpringMVC annotations modification methods. OpenFeig is used by consumers to call providers, so OpenFeig only involves consumers. OpenFeign has a load balancing function, which can consume and access specified microservices in a load balancing manner. […]

centos7 installation and configuration openstack deployment (1)

Article directory Preface 1. Architecture introduction 2. Preparation 1. Configure hosts 2. Change the host name and configure hosts mapping 3. Turn off the firewall, core protection, and network management 4. Mount the CD 5. Configure local source files 6. Time server deployment 7. Time client deployment 3. Install auxiliary components (rabbittmq, memcached, mariadb) 1. […]

Use opencv to correct image distortion

1 Affine transformation 1.1 What is affine transformation In image processing, it is often necessary to perform various operations on images, such as translation, scaling, rotation, flipping, etc., which are all affine transformations of images. Image affine transformation, also known as image affine mapping, means that in geometry, a vector space is transformed into another […]