Opencv geometric space transformation: resize(), transpose(), flip(), warpAffine(), rotate(), warpPerspective()

1. Zoom resize() resize() can reduce or enlarge the image size dst=cv2.resize(src, dsize[, dst[, fx[, fy[, interpolation]]]]) src: source image; dsize: The size of the target image after zooming. If it is set to 0, the target image will be obtained by multiplying the size of the source image by fx and fy; dsize has […]

SpringBoot integrates Redis, and understanding of cache penetration, cache avalanche, cache breakdown, how to add locks to solve the problem of cache breakdown? How to add distributed locks in distributed cases

Article directory 1. Steps 2. Specific process 1. Introduce pom dependencies 2. Modify the configuration file 3. Unit testing 4. Test results 3. Redis running status 4. Practical application in the project 5. Locking solves the problem of cache breakdown Code one (there is a problem) Code two (problem solving) 6. New questions 7. Distributed […]

Empty folders cannot be deleted and cannot be opened, “The item does not exist, please confirm the location of the item”, “The item is being opened and cannot be deleted”, “The file is damaged or has been moved and deleted” (multiple methods with graphic explanations, details Need to pay attention, and possible problems)

1. Preliminary summary – the situation that triggers this folder This file or folder that cannot be deleted is actually an ancestral bug of the Windows system that has not been fixed so far, so we need to deal with it through special means. Listening to my slow talk about his reasons may be helpful […]

Java’s reflection mechanism and spring framework’s IoC (inversion of control) and DI (dependency injection)

java’s reflection mechanism and spring framework’s IoC and DI Overview of java reflection mechanism: Advantages of Java Reflection The Java reflection mechanism is widely used in the following scenarios: Java reflection mainly involves the following classes and methods: Class class: Indicates the type of a class, and various information about the class can be obtained. […]

python operation excel (openpyxl, xlrd&xlwt)

Table of Contents Compare xlwt, openpyxl, xlrd icon Measured xlrd & amp;xlwt read and write operations Install read operation write operation Excel time processing xldate_as_tuple xlrd. xldate_as_tuple(xldate, datemode) xlrd.xldate.xldate_as_datetime(xldate, datemode) openpyxl read and write operations openpyxl read to write Compare xlwt, openpyxl, xlrd Icon To quote someone else’s picture: xlwt does not support writing xlsx […]

OpenAI loses another “king bomb”: ChatGPT “seal” is lifted, and it can be connected to the Internet and searched!

Organize | Tu Min Zheng Liyuan Produced | CSDN (ID: CSDNnews) “Scattered flowers gradually become charming eyes”, in the new day, OpenAI once again throws out the “king bomb”: ChatGPT launched a plug-in function, which can not only connect to the Internet, but also open the search, and can also execute code and run calculations… […]