c++ template library container list vector map set operation and performance comparison

Article directory list vector map set Performance comparison Summarize list List (list) is a container type in C++ STL. It is a doubly linked list that can efficiently add, delete, and move elements at any position. Here are some commonly used list operations: Create list #include <list> std::list<int> myList; Add element myList.push_back(1); // Add elements […]

Comprehensive performance comparison of SpringBoot physical threads, virtual threads, and Webflux!

A large number of articles evaluate the performance of a range of technologies (including Node.js, Deno, Bun, Rust, Go, Spring, Python, etc.) in simple “hello world” scenarios. Although these articles received favorable reviews, they all had one thing in common: they ignored the complexities of real-world development scenarios. This article aims to dissect various technologies […]

6 ways to improve the performance of your Go applications

Optimize your Go application 1. If your application is running in Kubernetes, automatically set GOMAXPROCS to match the CPU quota of the Linux container The Go scheduler can have as many threads as the number of cores of the device it is running on. Since our application runs on nodes in a Kubernetes environment, when […]

Mysql high performance optimization specification recommendations

Database command specification All database object names must use lowercase letters and be separated by underscores All database object names are prohibited from using mysql reserved keywords (if the table name contains keyword queries, it needs to be enclosed in single quotes) The naming of database objects should be meaningful and should not exceed 32 […]

A high-performance Python data processing tool

1 Introduction Polars is an open source Python library, a high-performance data processing library that provides an API interface similar to Pandas. It performs well when processing large-scale data and can quickly perform various data operations such as filtering, transformation, joining, etc. 2 Installation To install the Polars library, you can use the pip command […]

Python Asynchronous Programming: Improving Performance with Asynchronous Programming

Python is an interpreted programming language with easy-to-use syntax and powerful library support. However, Python’s performance may be limited when processing large amounts of data or using network services. To improve performance, Python introduced an asynchronous programming model. In this article, we will discuss what asynchronous programming is, the asynchronous programming model in Python and […]

Best Practices for Processing Tens of Millions of Data in Java: Performance Optimization Guide

In today’s digital age, processing large-scale data has become a core task of many Java applications. Whether you’re building a data analysis tool, implementing a real-time monitoring system, or processing massive log files, performance optimization is a key factor in ensuring your application runs efficiently. This guide will introduce a series of best practices to […]

Spring MVC or Spring Webflux performance testing, which one is better?

Welcome to join Xiaoha’s Planet, you will get: Exclusive project practice (pictures, text + video) / Java learning route / One-on-one questions / Learning check-in Currently, I am leading my friends to work on the first project within Planet: Back-end separation blog, hands-on, back-end + front-end full-stack development, explaining the development steps of each function […]

[Infrared Image] Use infrared image processing technology to evaluate the performance of refrigeration systems filled with different refrigerants (Matlab code implementation)

Welcome to this blog Advantages of bloggers:Blog content should be as thoughtful and logical as possible for the convenience of readers. Motto:He who travels a hundred miles is half as good as ninety. The directory of this article is as follows: Table of Contents 1 Overview 2 Operation results 3 References 4 Matlab code and […]