Python plays .reanim animation (3: performance optimization and other details)

Article directory Fix performance issues resource manager See the code here. Use python -m anp to open a .reanim animation player. Almost all animations can be played after all assets are loaded (which takes a little longer). Play simple animations without loading resources. Fix performance issues In the previous two articles, we have completed a […]

Measuring Node.js and Page Performance with the Event Loop

Event Loop Everyone should understand the Event Loop mechanism. Let me repeat the summary first. The Event Loop of Node.js is different from that of Javascript. Intuitively, there are two more APIs, setImmediate and process.nextTick. Secondly, due to the different runtimes, Html Standrad will consider that different sources such as multiple pages and DOM operations […]

Example explanation of redis using pipeline mode to write performance tuning under Java Springboot

Instance of redis write pipeline mode performance tuning under Springboot 1. Real scene In the process of producing real projects, it is necessary to write the data of the database to redis synchronously, and encounter the bottleneck of writing to redis during this process. Every time the project is started, the database data must be […]

Golang Engineering Components: High-performance RPC framework gRPC’s TLS and two-way TLS to ensure communication security

gRPC is a high-performance, general-purpose RPC framework open sourced by Google that supports multiple programming languages. Compared with the traditional RESTful API method, it can perform service calls and data transmission faster, and supports multiple codec protocols and load balancing algorithms. In gRPC, we can ensure communication security by setting TLS and mutual TLS. TLS […]

The performance test code in the example in the seal library

// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. // Licensed under the MIT license. #include “examples.h” using namespace std; using namespace seal; /* In this example we show how serialization works in Microsoft SEAL. Specifically, We present important concepts that enable the user to optimize the data size when communicating ciphertexts and keys for outsourced […]

Interpretation of KV Cache for Large Model Reasoning Performance Optimization

0. Introduction Those who optimize the performance of large models must be familiar with KV Cache, so how much do we know about this technology? Please try to answer the following questions: Which part of the calculation in the Self-Attention layer does KV Cache save? Does the KV Cache affect the calculation amount of the […]

[JS] 1691- Re-learn JavaScript API – Performance API

? Previous review: 1. Page Visibility API 2. Broadcast Channel API 3. Beacon APIs 4. Resize Observer API 5. Clipboard API 6. Fetch API ? 1. What is Performance API 1.1 Concept introduction The Performance API provides methods for Accessing and measuring information about browser performance. Through the Performance API, developers can obtain information about […]

m Simulation and analysis of elastic network performance based on MATLAB, including spectrum utilization rate and service blocking rate

Directory 1. Algorithm simulation effect 2. Algorithms involve an overview of theoretical knowledge 3. MATLAB core program 4. Complete algorithm code file 1. Algorithm simulation effect The matlab2022a simulation results are as follows: 2. Summary of theoretical knowledge involved in algorithms An elastic network is a highly flexible network architecture that can dynamically adjust network […]

[Front-end monitoring] Important indicators of front-end performance

For website monitoring, front and back ends are responsible for different tasks. The server side is mainly responsible for analysis and alarm: Log receiving and processing: Build back-end applications and provide log reporting interfaces to the collection SDK Data publishing: the backend accepts logs and processes them into data that can be calculated by real-time […]