Bitmap/hyperloglog/GEO of Redis

bitmap/hyperlog/GEO of Redis Introduction of interview questions Two types of statistics three hyperloglog 3.1 Industry Terminology 3.2 hyperloglog basis 3.2.1 Base 3.2.2 Definition 3.2.3 Cardinality statistics 3.2.4 Basic commands 3.3 Principle of HyperLogLog 3.3.1 Ways to deduplicate statistics 3.3.2 Principle 3.4 HyperLogLog case study 3.4.1 Requirements 3.4.2 Scheme Discussion 3.4.3 HyperLogLogService Four geos 4.1 Introduction […]

5. Redis HyperLogLog, publish subscription, transaction, script, server command

Table of Contents What is caching? Why use caching? 1. Basic introduction to Redis (NoSQL) 2. Redis download and installation configuration (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu), Redis-cli (client) basic commands, Redis visualization tool (Redis Desktop Manager) 3. Redis data types and their operation commands 4. Redis security (creating users), data backup and recovery, pipeline technology, partition 5. […]

How to properly stop a thread

How to stop the thread correctly New thread There are many ways to create a new thread Implement the Runnable interface and override the run() method Inherit the Thread class and override the run() method Implement the callable interface and rewrite the call method use thread pool use timer … Code example – Runnable interface […]

[Redis extension] Redis two advanced data structures – HyperLogLog, BitMap

1. HyperLoglog-cardinality statistics 1. HyperlogLog data type characteristics Redis HyperLogLog is an algorithm used for cardinality statistics to complete the statistics of independent totals The advantage of HyperLogLog is that when the number or volume of input elements is very, very large, the space required to calculate the cardinality is always fixed and small. With […]

Hyperledger Fabric uses a testnet

Table of Contents 1. Prerequisites Install git, curl, wget Install the go language Install JDK install docker Install docker-compose 2. Use the test network 2.1 Download fabric source code 2.2 Start the network 2.3 Interacting with the network 1. Prerequisites Install git, curl, wget //ubuntu sudo apt-get install git curl wget Install the go language […]

PHP uses a single page to read the content with hyperlinks in the database and provides the function of manually cleaning links (the hyperlink part can be replaced with any query conditions) / code to use

Cause A customer security report indicated that there was a link to an outdated website, and the outdated website became a shameful website~~ This problem is caused by copying the content of other websites directly when they usually post, and not using the editor’s cleaning tool. Afterwards, the customer asked if he could check all […]

Build Hyperledger Fabric2.x.x in ubnutu20.4 environment

Article directory 1. Environment: ubnutu20.4 Install required tools install gadget install docker Install docker-compose View docker, docker-compose version install go Two, fabric2.x.x environment construction Create a directory Pull fabric source code Configure go agent Launch test network Start a chaincode on a channel interact with the network shut down the network 1. Environment: ubnutu20.4 VMware […]