Linux– Process priority and environment variables

Directory process priority basic concept How to check priority PRI and NI NI value setting range How to modify the NI value Modification method 1: Modify the priority through the top command Modification method 2: Modify the priority through the renice command Four important concepts of process environment variable basic concept Common Environment Variables View […]

Overview of the Spring MVC startup process

Spring MVC is a Java-based web framework that provides an MVC (Model-View-Controller)-based architectural pattern that helps developers build web applications more easily. In this article, we will delve into the startup process and initialization process of Spring MVC. Key steps Load configuration file: The configuration file of Spring MVC is generally in XML format, and […]

Problems encountered in spark production process (accumulator related)

Project scenario: Hint: Here is a brief background on the project: Project scenario: spark upsert mysql data, and want to control the process through the result of foreachpartition execution. Description of the problem def insertOrUpdateDFtoDB(tableName: String, resultDateFrame: DataFrame, updateColumns: Array[String]): Boolean = {<!– –> var count = 0 var status = true val colNumbsers = […]

Configure VSCode to track and debug the Linux kernel startup process

Configure VSCode Install the VSCode plugins C/C++ Intellisense and C/C++ Themes. Since the plug-in C/C++ Intellisense requires GNU Global, you also need to install GNUGlobal using the following command. sudo apt install global Modify the .vscode configuration item, refer to, Since the Linux kernel is highly customized, there is no way to make Intellisense […]

Interpretation of TiCDC source code (3)–Analysis of the working process of TiCDC cluster

Author: LingJin Original source: Summary of content TiCDC is a TiDB incremental data synchronization tool. By pulling the data change log of upstream TiKV, TiCDC can parse the data into orderly row-level change data and output it downstream. This article is the third part of TiCDC source code interpretation. The main content is to […]

Linux uses supervisor to manage processes

Now suppose a script is,, the content is fo = open(‘xx.txt’,’w’) while 1: fo.write(‘hello world’) print(‘hi’) time. sleep(1) If you use python, the console will always print hi, and you will not be able to do other tasks. You must open a window in xshell. If ctrl + c, the program ends directly. […]

Linux process and process communication programming (2)

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. The desert is beautiful because there is a well hidden somewhere in it. Linux process and process communication programming (2) interprocess communication 1. Pipeline communication (1) Famous pipeline mkfifo 21write.c , 21read.c code (2) Anonymous pipe 20.c code 2. Signal communication (1) Signal […]

The principle of the six major process communication mechanisms of the Linux kernel

When I first learned the operating system, I was always confused, why there is a semaphore mechanism in the process synchronization and mutual exclusion mechanism, and there is a semaphore mechanism in the process communication, and then you look at the summary of various interview questions or blogs on the Internet, You will find that […]