[Data processing] python Matplotlib partially enlarges the figure; marks the local enlarged subfigure of interest

Foreword In data visualization, it is often necessary to partially enlarge the data in a certain interval to obtain a higher contrast visualization effect. The following uses the Matplotlib library of the Python language to implement a simple partial magnification effect. Dependent libraries matplotlib: plotting library numpy: an extended library that supports a large number […]

21. Integration of Flink’s table API and DataStream API (2) – batch processing mode and insert-only stream processing

Flink series of articles 1. Flink column The Flink column systematically introduces a certain knowledge point and explains it with specific examples. 1. Flink deployment series This section introduces the basic content related to the deployment and configuration of Flink. 2. Flink basic series This part introduces the basic parts of Flink, such as terminology, […]

React technical principles and code development practice: React form processing and verification

1. Background Introduction Currently, front-end technology is changing with each passing day, and new technologies are emerging one after another. React, as the most popular Javascript library at the moment, is increasingly favored by developers. React is known as “the Facebook of JavaScript”. Its advantages include componentization, declarative programming, JSX syntax, etc., and React Hooks […]

FPGA generates 3X3 image processing matrix through FIFO

In the previous series of articles on median filtering, I have written about the generation method of 3×3 matrix template: Median filter design based on FPGA—-(3) Matrix template generation module design_verilog image generation 3*3 matrix-CSDN blog Now it seems that this method is relatively crude and simple. The general processing method is to store an […]

<1>, C++ implements multi-thread synchronization processing: controlling the output sequence of ABC, outputting 10 groups, mutex+condition_variable

Table of Contents need: analyze: Some code implementation: 1. Operations implemented using only flag bits: 2. For greater security, the mutex lock code is added: 3. Use it with unique_lock to make the code safer Four: Use guard lock lock_guard to work with it 5. You can also use condition variables to process, which will […]

The usage process of nanny-level vue-pdf

The first step is to introduce vue-pdf npm install –save vue-pdf The second step is to proceed slowly according to the needs 01. Give you the url of a pdf file, which needs to be rendered on the page Code <template> <div> <pdf ref=”pdf” :src=”url”> </pdf> </div> </template> <script> import pdf from ‘vue-pdf’ export default […]

Synchronization experiment of operating system processes

1. Experimental purpose (1) Master the basic concepts and properties of processes and threads; (2) Implement multi-threaded ticketing: simulate multiple ticketing windows (there are 2 windows here), and each window can sell tickets at the same time. Through multi-threading, ticketing operations can be performed concurrently to ensure thread safety; (3) Provide user interface: Create a […]

Skywalking process analysis_2 (configuration loading and custom class loader initialization)

Read configuration SnifferConfigInitializer.initializeCoreConfig(agentArgs)This method is to read the configuration file. The file agent.config is read in this method public static void initializeCoreConfig(String agentOptions) {<!– –> //Start loading configuration information priority (the smaller the number, the greater the priority) 1: The age of the startup command nt parameter 2: system environment variable 3: configuration of agent.config […]