Python implements ACO ant colony optimization algorithm to optimize Catboost regression model (CatBoostRegressor algorithm) project combat

Explanation: This is a machine learning practical project (with data + code + documentation + video explanation). If you need data + code + documentation + video explanation, you can go directly to the end of the article to get it. 1. Project background Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is a new bionic evolutionary algorithm derived […]

Vite3+vue3 project packaging optimization 3 – CDN acceleration, file compression

1. CDN online acceleration Content Delivery Network (CDN for short) is a distributed content distribution network built on a data network, which allows users to request resources from the nearest server to improve the response speed of network requests. Usually, we request dependent modules to use CDN, while requesting project code still uses its own […]

Image processing in OpenCV 3.10 (nine) two-dimensional histogram and back projection

Table of Contents 3.10.3 Histogram–3: Two-dimensional histogram Target introduction 2D histogram in OpenCV 2D histogram in Numpy Draw a 2D histogram 3.10.4 Histogram – 4: Histogram Backprojection Target theory Algorithms in Numpy Backprojection in OpenCV other resources Translation and secondary proofreading: Editor: Twenty Bottle Whale (Siby team member of Hejing Community) 3.10.3 Histogram–3: Two-dimensional […]

Maven: Create a Maven project based on coordinates

Create a Maven project based on coordinates Article directory Create a Maven project based on coordinates 1. Maven core concept: coordinates ① Coordinates in mathematics ②Coordinates in Maven [1] Vector Illustration [2] Values of the three vectors ③ Correspondence between the coordinates and the storage path of the jar package in the warehouse 2. Experimental […]

How to create a Touchgfx project on ART-PI to realize touch (based on the punctual atom 4.3-inch RGB screen)

Directory ART-PI creates Touchgfx project to realize touch 1. Create ART-PI project 2. Create a Touchgfx project 3. Add touch function Four. Summary ART-PI creates a Touchgfx project to realize touch 1. Create ART-PI project 1. Download the relevant chip package in RT-Thread Studio 2. Create ATR-PI project 3. Click Finish to automatically create the […]

[Configuration] Maven configuration & Tomcat configuration & new web project in IDEA

export How to configure Maven, tomcat and the process of creating a new project in idea Maven configuration maven can be used for (1) Project management; (2) Dependency management; 1. Close the project first, and then the following interface will appear 2. Set the following configuration [core] 3. Parameter analysis 4. High version idea configuration […]

In Maven, make a web project depend on Java project

Make Web projects depend on Java projects Article directory Let Web projects depend on Java projects 1. Concept 2. Operation 3. In the web project, write the test code ①Supplementary creation directory ②Confirm that the Web project depends on junit ③ Create a test class 4. Execute the Maven command ①Test command ②Package command ③ […]