C# Socket TCP 2 heartbeat protocol + anti-stain packet + proactively disconnect from the server

In the previous code, a C# .net TcpClient implemented the full-duplex communication protocol_tcpclient protocol_Green Lemon 676’s Blog-CSDN Blog We have implemented the heartbeat of TCP and introduced the full-duplex communication protocol. Today we will take you to understand what TCP packet immersion is and how TCP prevents packet immersion. So let’s make a long story […]

“The charm of the GUI graphical interface, the secure communication of the SSH protocol and the efficient development of IDEA integrated with Git”

Article directory introduction 1. Practical application of GUI graphical interface 2. Secure communication using SSH protocol What is SSH? git/github generates the key and passes Remote github warehouse configuration 3. Quick start guide for integrating Git with IDEA Summarize Introduction In the field of computer science, a graphical user interface (GUI) is a user interface […]

Weblogic t3 protocol analysis

Vulnerability introduction There are roughly two types of weblogic deserialization vulnerabilities, one is based on the t3 protocol and the other is based on xml Vulnerabilities based on the T3 protocol include: CVE-2015-4582, CVE-2016-0638, CVE-2016-3510, CVE-2018-2628, CVE-2020-2555, CVE-2020-2883 Among them, CVE-2020-2883 is a bypass of the CVE-2020-2555 patch, but it is actually similar. Debugging environment […]

“Network Protocol” 04. Application layer (DNS & DHCP & HTTP)

title: “Network Protocol” 04. Application layer (DNS & DHCP & HTTP) date: 2022-09-05 14:28:22 updated: 2023-11-12 06:55:52 categories: Learning Record: Network Protocol excerpt: Application layer, DNS, DHCP, HTTP (URI & URL, ABNF, message format, request method, status code, header field, Form submission, same-origin policy). comments: false tags: top_image: /images/backimg/SunsetClimbing.png Network Protocol 1: Network interconnection model […]

Network Principles—Getting to Know the HTTP Protocol: Requests and Responses

Article directory Recognition request first line URL URL format URL encode and decode version number method GET method POST method GET VS POST Request header: header Host Content-Length and Content-Type User-Agent(UA) Referer Cookies blank line Text: body How to construct an HTTP request? The browser constructs its own HTML structure ajax construct Third-party tools: postman […]

A brief analysis of network protocols-HTTP protocol

1. Introduction to HTTP The HTTP protocol is the abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, which is a transfer protocol used to transfer hypertext from the World Wide Web (WWW: World Wide Web) server to the local browser. HTTP is a communication protocol based on TCP/IP to transfer data (HTML files, image files, query results, […]

IIC protocol reads temperature and humidity data (HAL library)

Directory 1. I2C bus protocol 1.1. Introduction to I2C 1.2. Hardware I2C 1.3. Protocol layer 1.3.1 I2C communication composite format 1.3.2 Start and stop signals of communication 1.3.3 Data validity 1.3.4 Address and data direction 1.3.5 Response 2. IIC protocol reads temperature and humidity data 2.1 Experimental content and AHT20 2.2 CubeMX configuration 2.2.1 System […]

STM32F103 realizes temperature and humidity (AHT20) collection through IIC protocol

STM32F103 realizes temperature and humidity (AHT20) collection through IIC protocol Article directory STM32F103 realizes temperature and humidity (AHT20) collection through IIC protocol 1. IIC Agreement 1. Introduction to IIC protocol 2. Physical layer and protocol layer 3. Software IIC and hardware IIC 2. Temperature and humidity collection 1. IIC protocol 1. Introduction to IIC protocol […]

[Git] Gui graphical management, SSH protocol private library integrated with IDEA use

1. Using Gui graphical interface 1. Open the manager according to your needs 2. Clone an existing library 3. Introduction to graphical interface 1. First update a code file in the local warehouse and use it: 2. Enter the graphical management interface to refresh code resources: 3. Click Stage changed to track the file and […]

The use of Git Gui + About SSH protocol and cloning corresponding file code + IDEA integration with Git, etc.

Table of Contents 1. Use of Git graphical interface 1.1 Preparation 1.2 Use of Git graphical interface 1.2.1 File code cloning 1.2.2 Check the effect of file GIt management 1.2.3 Git Gui page details illustration 1.2.4 Git Gui function demonstration effect (1) Temporary storage (2) Submission and comments (3) Push remote push 2. SSH protocol […]