<1>, C++ implements multi-thread synchronization processing: controlling the output sequence of ABC, outputting 10 groups, mutex+condition_variable

Table of Contents need: analyze: Some code implementation: 1. Operations implemented using only flag bits: 2. For greater security, the mutex lock code is added: 3. Use it with unique_lock to make the code safer Four: Use guard lock lock_guard to work with it 5. You can also use condition variables to process, which will […]

Explosive performance! Python multi-process mode implements multi-core CPU parallel computing

Article directory Preface 1. Multi-process mode in Python 2. Methods to improve program execution efficiency 1. Multiple processes execute tasks concurrently 2. Process pool 3.Message queue 4. Shared memory 5.Asynchronous IO Summarize About Python technical reserves 1. Learning routes in all directions of Python 2. Python basic learning video 3. Excellent Python learning books 4. […]

How to run js files under windows, how to enable javascript on the computer

This article will talk about how javascript code runs in the browser and how to run js files under windows. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. JavaScript ECMAScript It is a script programming language standardized by Ecma International (formerly the European Computer Manufacturers Association) and established by […]

Computer Java Project Recommendation Hospital Appointment Registration System Based on SSM_2

Project Introduction : The system is designed with three user roles: administrator, user, and doctor. Basic functional modules include doctor scheduling, online appointment registration, payment, medical record inquiry, prescription viewing, etc. Compared with other information management systems, this system has more special functions, such as department screening of doctors, medical record inquiry, etc. Users can […]

antd-vue + vue3 realizes the dynamic addition and deletion of rows in a-table, and implements in-row input verification in a-table through a-from

1. Renderings Figure 1: Verification effect 2. Main code Note: 1. The form and table are bound to the same data tableSource and it is a data (ElementUI requires an object package array) 2. The form uses name binding -> :name=”[index, ‘vlan_id’]” 3. Form-item always needs to add rules -> :rules=”rules.blur” <a-form ref=”tableFormRef” :model=”tableSource” :label-col=”{ […]

[NLP] DeepSpeed-FastGen: High-throughput text generation for LLM through MII and DeepSpeed-Inference

1. Introduction Large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 and LLaMA have become dominant workloads serving AI applications at all levels. From general chat models to document summarization, from self-driving to co-piloting at every layer of the software stack, the need to deploy and serve these models at scale has skyrocketed. While frameworks such as […]

Solved: ValueError: Error when checking input: expected input_1 to have 4 dimensions, but got array wit

Blogger Maotouhu () takes you to Go to New World? Blog Home: Maotouhu’s blog “Complete Column of Interview Questions” Articles with pictures and texts Vivid images Simple and easy to learn! Everyone is welcome to step in~ “IDEA Development Cheats Column” Learn the common operations of IDEA and double your work efficiency~ “Master Golang in […]

CSS Special Effect 001: Put the mouse on the div to achieve effects such as rotation, amplification, and movement.

100 common CSS examples + column directory This column records frequently used CSS examples and techniques, mainly including CSS layout, CSS special effects, and CSS lace information. Among them, CSS layout mainly lists some commonly used CSS layout information points, CSS special effects mainly include some animation examples, and CSS lace describes some CSS-related libraries, […]