Python implements ACO ant colony optimization algorithm to optimize Catboost regression model (CatBoostRegressor algorithm) project combat

Explanation: This is a machine learning practical project (with data + code + documentation + video explanation). If you need data + code + documentation + video explanation, you can go directly to the end of the article to get it. 1. Project background Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is a new bionic evolutionary algorithm derived […]

chatgpt empowers python: Python’s SEF optimization: best practices for improving website rankings

SEF Optimization for Python: Best Practices for Improving Website Ranking In today’s digital age, everyone wants to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) as it increases their brand awareness and traffic, and SEF (Search Engine Optimization) for Python has become the talk of many. Python is a popular programming language used by professional […]

Python plays .reanim animation (3: performance optimization and other details)

Article directory Fix performance issues resource manager See the code here. Use python -m anp to open a .reanim animation player. Almost all animations can be played after all assets are loaded (which takes a little longer). Play simple animations without loading resources. Fix performance issues In the previous two articles, we have completed a […]

Python calculates the distance between two points by latitude and longitude

Python calculates the distance between two points by latitude and longitude There are generally two methods for calculating the distance between two points by latitude and longitude, geodesic distance (assuming the earth is an ellipsoid) and great circle distance (assuming the earth is a sphere). The latter is slightly lower in accuracy than the former, […]

(small script) (python) merge multiple documents

Article directory foreword Code Code explanation path processing text merge connection operation END Foreword In some cases we need to merge the contents of multiple files into one. If there are not too many complicated requirements in the middle, it will be very convenient to write a small script for direct merging. Performance Purpose: cuber-lotus/CodeStandard: […]

Python lightweight serialization and deserialization package marshmallow detailed usage guide 3

Marshmallow Official documentation: Marshmallow, Chinese translation: cotton candy. It is a lightweight data format conversion module, also called serialization and deserialization module, which is often used to convert between complex orm model objects and python native data types. Marshmallow provides rich API functions. as follows: Serializing Serialization [can convert data objects into storable or […]

[Code Caprice] Backtracking Topic 1 (Python)

Article directory 1. Combination 2. Combined Sum III 3. Alphabet combination of phone number 4. Combined sum 5. Combined Sum II 6. Split palindrome string 6. Restoring the IP address 7. Subset 1. Combination 77. Combination recursion + pruning class Solution: def combine(self, n: int, k: int) -> List[List[int]]: result = [] path = [] […]

There are so many people on the Internet who advocate learning Python to enter the IT industry. What if they can’t find a job after learning Python?

Mastering a skill costs money. Before making a decision, it is necessary to make a prospect judgment and measure the input-output ratio. However, once you think about it deeply, you may yourself have doubts about the value of learning Python. Because most people look at this issue to judge whether they can improve their competitiveness […]

Little tadpoles looking for mother: Python’s scope chain and LEGB principle

Article directory refer to describe scope object global scope globals() local scope locals() contains scope built-in scope builtins module builtins module with \_\_builtins__ builtins is \_\_builtins__? \_\_builtins__ and built-in scopes The irreplaceable \_\_builtins__ scope chain Scope chains and the LEGB principle The method of jumping over the wall in a hurry Reference Project Description Python […]