Queue in java

Article directory 1. Concept 2. Use of queues 2.1 Queue in java standard library 2.2 Implementation method 2.3 Simulate queue implementation 3. Classification of queues 3.1 Sequential Queue—-Circular Queue 3.2 Chain queue—-double-ended queue 4.Arraylist 1. Concept A special linear table that only allows data insertion operations at one end and deletion data operations at the […]

[Data structure] Simulation implementation of stack and queue (implemented in two ways)

Foreword About the author: Come on, Xu Xing, currently a sophomore, currently learning C++, Data Structure, etc. Author’s homepage: Come on, Xu Xing’s homepage ?This article is included in: Re-recognizing the advanced column of C Code Warehouse: Rising Sun 1 Everyone is welcome to like Collect ? Follow! Learning objectives: This blog will learn about […]

[C++] stack, queue and deque

Introduction to stack Stack is a container adapter that is specially used in contexts with last-in-first-out operations. Its deletion can only insert and extract elements from one end of the container. Stack is implemented as a container adapter. A container adapter encapsulates a specific class as its underlying container and provides a set of specific […]

12. Implement IQueue (queue + priority queue)

Implement IQueue (queue + priority queue) Functional requirements ? Here we use pure virtual functions as interfaces to implement IQeue to achieve the following functions: /********************************************** *************************** > File Name: 14.cpp > Author:Xiao Yuheng > Mail:[email protected] > Created Time: Wed Nov 8 15:53:09 2023 *************************************************** **********************/ #include <iostream> #include <functional> #include <cstring> using namespace std; […]

Multi-threading case–>Blocking queue

1. What is a blocking queue 1. The blocking queue is a special queue that also adheres to the “first in, first out” principle. 2. The blocking queue can be a thread-safe data structure with the following characteristics: When the queue is full, if you continue to queue, it will be blocked until other threads […]

Publish and subscribe model implemented based on fixed-length blocking message queue [c++]

#include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <queue> #include <thread> #include <mutex> #include <condition_variable> #include <functional> #include <cstring> #include <chrono> // Custom message structure template <typename CallbackType> struct CustomMessage { CallbackType callback; void* data; size_t length; CustomMessage(CallbackType callback, void* data, size_t length) : callback(callback), data(data), length(length) {} CustomMessage() = default; // Add default constructor }; // message […]

Java priority task queue practice

Basic understanding of queues Before talking about queues, let’s talk about two nouns: Task is a task, and TaskExecutor is a task executor. The queue we are going to talk about today is completely consistent with the situation of an organization. When a task comes in, the TaskExecutor immediately starts executing the task. When there […]

C++stack | queue | priority_queue | deque

Table of Contents 1. stack introduce use 2. queue queue introduce use 3. priority_queue priority queue introduce use Simulation implementation Reuse code push pop How to sort descending order Functor Using functors to implement ascending and descending order Total code for simulation implementation 4. deque double-ended queue introduce underlying implementation Summary about deque 1. stack […]