Echart polar coordinates, azimuth and distance diagram, icon symbol rotation and size, color gradient

Background: Participating in an interactive chart project, the customer had a need for polar coordinate comparison to display different types of indicator data in different directions and distances. Specifically, the attribute fields are: Source, distance, orientation, ID, rotation angle, size Let’s look at the renderings first: Technical points: Legend description: The distance is the radial […]

Implementation of interface automation testing framework based on Junit!

Layered automated testing 5 to 10 years ago, the automated testing we came into contact with was more focused on automated testing of the UI layer. Mercury’s WinRunner/QTP was a typical representative of the commercial automated testing products of that era. At that time, everyone simply wanted to use a Automated tools replace human clicks, […]

LC-1334. The city with the fewest neighbors within the threshold distance (Floyd algorithm, memorized search ==> dynamic programming (0x3f))

1334. The city with the fewest neighbors within the threshold distance medium There are n cities, numbered from 0 to n-1. Give you an edge array edges, where edges[i] = [fromi, toi, weighti] represents fromi and toi code> A bidirectional weighted edge between two cities, the distance threshold is an integer distanceThreshold. Returns the city […]

Volatile: The hidden hero of Java concurrent programming

: Just work hard and leave the rest to time : Xiaopozhan Volatile: The invisible hero of Java concurrent programming Preface First: Visibility Issues Second: Prohibit instruction reordering Third: Happens-Before relationship Fourth: Application cases Fifth: Comparison of Volatile, synchronized, and Lock Volatile: synchronized: Lock: Choose the appropriate tool: Sixth: Common misunderstandings and precautions Common misunderstandings: […]

VSCode runs c++ program (operation + detailed explanation + json file configuration detailed explanation)

Preface: Because the quality of online tutorials varies, I felt very confused when I first came into contact with this thing. I hereby write this blog to help my friends solve the problem. Table of Contents 1. Operation details 1Download VSCode code editor 2Install C/C++ extension 3Install the MinGW-w64 compiler 4Add path 5 Test whether […]

Java GUI programming completes arithmetic test

1. Question requirements Write a small arithmetic test software to train primary school students’ arithmetic ability. The program consists of3classes, of which The Teacherclass object is responsible for giving arithmetic questions and judging whether the answer of the respondent is correct:ComputerFrameTheGUIinterface provided by the class object sees the question and passes it TheGUIinterface gives answers […]

Spring Boot implements various parameter verifications. It is so well written. It is recommended to collect it!

Hello everyone, I am a passerby~~~ Click on the card below to follow me, java dry goods will be delivered in time I have written an article about the use of Spring Validation before, but I still feel that I am superficial. This time I plan to thoroughly understand Spring Validation. This article will introduce […]

How to use ESP8266 and DHT11 to collect indoor temperature and humidity and send them to the server program through WIFI

Have you ever thought about implementing your own indoor temperature and humidity detection system? I used the weekend to accomplish this small goal. I used ESP8266 and DHT11, and sent the collected data to the server program through WIFI and stored it in a SQLite database. In the following introduction, I will share with you […]

DevChat Programming Assistant: A new tool to improve programming efficiency

Article directory Foreword What is DevChat? DevChat Registration Detailed explanation of DevChat usage tutorial Python environment setup VScode installation DevChat plug-in installation DevChat plug-in configuration DevChat hands-on experience Advantages of DevChat Summarize Foreword Which programming assistant is the best? DevChat is here to help! Code generation is slow? Model load is heavy? Poor generation effect? […]