[Linux library management tool] In-depth analysis of the integration and application of pkg-config and CMake

Directory title 1. Introduction 1.1 The importance of `pkg-config` 1.2 Article goals and readers 2. `pkg-config` basics 2.1 Principle work process Function and purpose 2.2 Related commands `pkg-config –cflags` `pkg-config –libs` `pkg-config –list-all` `pkg-config –modversion` Other commonly used commands 2.3 Environment variables `PKG_CONFIG_PATH` `PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR` `PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_SYSTEM_CFLAGS` and `PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_SYSTEM_LIBS` 3. `.pc` file analysis 3.1 `.pc` file structure […]

Python library for processing tabular data, recommended books for Python processing tables

This article mainly introduces what modules to install in Python to process tables. It has certain reference value and friends in need can refer to it. I hope you will gain a lot after reading this article. Let the editor take you to understand it together. 1. Excel document Workbook: .xlsx file, containing multiple tables […]

lv4 embedded development-9 Use of static libraries and dynamic libraries

Table of Contents 1 The concept of library 2. Library knowledge 3 Characteristics of static libraries 4 static library 4.1 Static library creation 4.2 Compile and generate target files 4.3 Create static library hello 4.4 View symbol information in the library 4.5 Link static libraries 5 Features of shared libraries 6 Shared libraries 6.1 Shared […]

Concise JDBC data access operation library: JdbcHelper (2)

The previous article “Concise JDBC Data Access Operation Library: JdbcHelper (1)” mainly introduced JdbcHelper and JdbcReader. Among them, JdbcReader is an introduction that focuses on source code and focuses on underlying principles. This time we plan to introduce the application of Reader and how it can be used in daily SQL data query work – […]

Python uses the openvc library for image data enhancement

The following is a simple example code for image data augmentation using Python and the OpenCV library, which includes common data augmentation operations: import cv2 import numpy as np import os # horizontal flip def horizontal_flip(image): return cv2.flip(image, 1) # Flip vertically def vertical_flip(image): return cv2.flip(image, 0) # Random rotation def random_rotation(image, angle_range=(-10, 10)): angle […]

Use of google scanning library barcode-scanning

1. Add the barcode-scanning library //Scan code in bundle mode implementation ‘com.google.mlkit:barcode-scanning:17.1.0’ 2. Write a code scanning analysis class to analyze the code scanning data and call back the method to return the results package com.gnetek.monitor.adapter import android.util.Log import androidx.camera.core.ImageAnalysis import androidx.camera.core.ImageProxy import com.google.mlkit.vision.barcode.BarcodeScannerOptions import com.google.mlkit.vision.barcode.BarcodeScanning import com.google.mlkit.vision.barcode.common.Barcode import com.google.mlkit.vision.common.InputImage /** * @Description Scan code […]

C++ STL library list (linked list)

C++ Lists(linked list) Assignment Syntax: void assign( input_iterator start, input_iterator end ); void assign( size_type num, const TYPE & amp;val ); The assign() function assigns a value to the list in the range indicated by the iterators start and end or assigns num elements with val as the value to the list. Related topics:insert(), back […]