Springboot integrated permission management framework apache shiro

1. Explanation of terms There are a lot of them online 2. pom dependency <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shiro</groupId> <artifactId>shiro-spring</artifactId> <version>1.2.2</version> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shiro</groupId> <artifactId>shiro-ehcache</artifactId> <version>1.2.2</version> </dependency> encache is optional and is mainly used for caching during authentication. 3. shiroConfiguration The configuration of shiro is mainly the settings of shiroFilter and securityManager @Component public class ShiroConfiguration { <br> […]

PYTHON calculates CPK and specification limit pass rate, and draws histogram probability density curve

CPK (Process Capability Index) is a statistical index used to measure the stability and consistency of a process, especially used in manufacturing and quality management. It measures the variability of a process relative to specification boundaries and helps determine whether the process is capable of producing a conforming product or service. Normal distribution assumption: The […]

Configurable BOM–When MFBF recoils, all configurable BOMs are brought out, not individual material number BOMs. There are priorities in BOMs. It is necessary to mark the deletion of unused BOMs separately and change the BOM uses (so that this BOM cannot be used). for any operation)

REPORT zcs02 MESSAGE-ID zcust. TABLES:sscrfields,mara. DATA: gw_fieldcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv, gt_fieldcat TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv, g_layout TYPE slis_layout_alv. DATA:BEGIN OF gt_data OCCURS 0, matnr LIKE csap_mbom-matnr, werks LIKE csap_mbom-werks, stlan LIKE csap_mbom-stlan, END OF gt_data. DATA:BEGIN OF gt_out OCCURS 0, sel TYPE char1, matnr LIKE csap_mbom-matnr, werks LIKE csap_mbom-werks, stlan LIKE csap_mbom-stlan, stlal LIKE mast-stlal, message TYPE char255, […]

Golang operates Redis

Redis is a popular in-memory key-value database that is widely used to build high-performance caching and message queuing applications. This article will introduce how to access redis through go-redis. 1. Install dependencies go get github.com/go-redis/redis How to connect redis in golang client := redis.NewClient( & amp;redis.Options{<!– –> Addr: “localhost:6379”, // redis address Password: “”, // […]

mybatis automatically generates model, dao and corresponding mapper.xml files

Background: In daily development, if you create a new table and manually write the model, dao and corresponding mapper.xml file, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone. Therefore, mybatis is used to automatically generate model, dao and corresponding mapper.xml files. The code comment style uses custom comments. Environment: jdk1.8, maven, mysql Project structure: mbg-comment: Custom comment […]

Spring integrates Mybatis

Spring integrates Mybatis 1. Create a java project and import the corresponding jar package Create a java project and import the corresponding jar package (mysql driver jar package, mybatis related jar package, spring’s mybatis jar package, spring’s jdbc jar package, lo4j jar package, spring’s aop jar package, spring’s ioc jar package jar package) 2. Create […]

In-depth exploration of geospatial query: how to elegantly implement accurate geographic data storage and retrieval techniques in MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis

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Python Fire: Automatically generate command line interface

The command line program is the most commonly used way to write some gadgets. In order to make the command line program more flexible, we often set some parameters and let the program perform different functions according to the parameters. This eliminates the need to frequently modify the code to perform different functions. As the […]

Integrate Spring Cloud microservice gateway gateway on Eureka

Directory of series articles Chapter 1 Application of Java Thread Pool Technology Chapter 2 Application of CountDownLatch and Semaphone Chapter 3 Introduction to Spring Cloud Chapter 4 Spring Cloud Netflix-Eureka Chapter 5 Spring Cloud Netflix Ribbon Chapter 6 OpenFeign of Spring Cloud Chapter 7 GateWay of Spring Cloud Article directory Table of Contents of Series […]