[Operating system principle]–Thread synchronization

Directory of series articles [Operating system principle]–Process management [Operating System Principle]–Process Scheduling [Operating system principle]–Thread synchronization [Operating system principle]–Semaphore and PV operation implementation [Operating system principle]–Linux memory management [Operating system principle]–File system programming Thread synchronization Table of Contents of Series Articles Experiment related knowledge 1. Processes and threads 2. Thread synchronization 3.Multi-threading 4. Thread related […]

Synchronization experiment of operating system processes

1. Experimental purpose (1) Master the basic concepts and properties of processes and threads; (2) Implement multi-threaded ticketing: simulate multiple ticketing windows (there are 2 windows here), and each window can sell tickets at the same time. Through multi-threading, ticketing operations can be performed concurrently to ensure thread safety; (3) Provide user interface: Create a […]

Four process scheduling algorithms for operating systems (c language)

Table of Contents FCFS SJF HPF RR FCFS FCFS (First-Come, First-Served) scheduling algorithm is the simplest process scheduling algorithm, also known as first-come, first-served algorithm. In this algorithm, processes are executed in the order in which they arrive on the ready queue, that is, processes that arrive first are executed first, and processes that arrive […]

Multiple instance problems encountered by SpringBoot integrating scheduled tasks

Talk part That’s right. I improved the logging of scheduled tasks a few days ago. Today I switched servers, deployed one more node, and used nginx load balancing. However, when I checked the logs, I found the following situation. That’s bad, the legendary multi-instance problem has appeared. Today we will talk about how to do […]

Analysis of Java memory model JMM and three major features from the operating system level

1. Parallelism and concurrency The purpose of both is to maximize CPU usage. Parallel: Refers to multiple instructions being executed simultaneously on multiple processors at the same time. So whether from a micro or macro perspective, the two are executed together. Concurrency: It means that only one instruction can be executed at the same time, […]

The definition of closure in javascript, the operating principle of javascript closure

Hello everyone, the editor is here to answer the following questions for you, the definition of closure in javascript, and the operating principle of javascript closure. Now let us take a look together! Closures are a tricky JavaScript concept to understand because it’s hard to see how they are actually used. Unlike other concepts such […]

The operating principle of javascript closure, the role of javascript closure

Hello everyone, the editor will answer your questions about how JavaScript closures operate. Many people still don’t know the role of JavaScript closures, let’s take a look now! Article directory Closure 1. What is closure? 2. Conditions for generating closure 3. Location of closure variable storage JS stack memory release 4. Common closures Closure 1: […]

3. Process practice-integrating bpmn-js

1. bpmn-js Download: https://bpmn.io/toolkit/bpmn-js/ The purpose of this article is not to write bpmn-js, but to directly copy a pre-made one as follows: 2. Business access address http://localhost:8080/bpmnjs/dist/index.html?type=lookBpmn &instanceId=180001 & amp;deploymentFileUUID=8 & amp;deploymentName=qingjia.bpmn & amp;AssigneeName=zhangsan 3. The main logic code for JavaScript display is as follows: //Example https://blog.csdn.net/qq_35664308/article/details/110469247 //Set color https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples/tree/master/colors $.ajax({<!– –> //Get highlight […]

A guide to operating XML files in Python

We often need to parse data written in different languages. Python provides many third-party libraries to parse or split data written in other languages. Today we will learn the related functions of the Python XML parser. Let’s take a look below~ What is XML? XML is Extensible Markup Language, which is similar in appearance to […]