ADO interface _RecordsetPtr pointer

Original reference: ADO interface_RecordsetPtr-CSDN blog _RecordsetPtr smart pointer, which is a pointer specially set up for operating the database through the recordset. Through this interface, various operations can be performed on the records, fields, etc. in the database table. To be clear: the database and the ADO record set are two different concepts, two storage […]

Java SE packages, packages, static keywords and code blocks

1. Encapsulation 1.1 Concept of encapsulation There are three major characteristics of object-oriented programs: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. In the class and object stage, the main research is on encapsulation characteristics. What is encapsulation? simply put It’s the shell shielding details. Encapsulation: organically combine data and methods of operating data, hide the properties and implementation […]

U-Boot source code reading and analysis 001: U-Boot code style and coding standards

Most of the content of this article is translated from U-Boot official documentation Article directory Preface U-Boot coding style U-Boot documentation writing Use structures for I/O access Header file inclusion order file name Comments on functions and structures Device driver modelDM other test Foreword Before officially entering the reading and writing of U-Boot source […]

Android uses NFC to read cards (1)

In order to explain NFC thoroughly, I will use three methods to explain it in detail and gradually understand the code writing. This is the first method. Not much to say, this time the main demonstration is to read the card number of the contactless IC card through NFC. Mainly divided into 3 steps: (1) […]

How to correctly comply with Python coding standards

Foreword There is no rule without rules, and the same is true for code. This article will introduce some of the more commonly used Python code specifications that you follow when doing your own projects. Naming Case Module name writing: module_name Package name writing: package_name Class name: ClassName Method name: method_name Exception name: ExceptionName Function […]

7000 words | In-depth explanation of MySQL index

Hello, I am Wukong. The directory of this article is as follows: 1. Foreword Recently, I have been sorting out the core knowledge of MySQL, and I just happened to sort out the knowledge related to MySQL indexes. Many of my articles are based on principles + practical methods to help you understand the knowledge […]

From single card to multiple cards (DDP usage method, with code) (1)

Distributed training is a common multi-card strategy to accelerate training. Generally speaking, there are two methods to choose from: DataParallel (DP) and DistributedDataParallel (DDP). This article introduces the most commonly used DDP. The following demonstrates how to modify a program running on a single card into a form that can run on a single card […]

Python-match continuous content based on keywords

Use PyQt5 to generate an executable small program: match the content in GGA format from the start keyword to the end keyword range, support multiple selection of files, and clear the copied files generated during the process. The GGA file is as follows: $GPZDA,063052.00,16,10,2023,,*61 $GPGGA,063052.00,4349.7377413,N,12509.8354912,E,4,40,0.6,222.928,M,0.00,M,01,2445*69 $GPZDA,063053.00,16,10,2023,,*60 $GPGGA,063053.00,4349.7377412,N,12509.8354914,E,4,40,0.6,222.926,M,0.00,M,01,2445*61 $GPZDA,063054.00,16,10,2023,,*67 Mini program interface: Run pyinstaller -F -w […]